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    27 Types Of Drunk You've Definitely Been, As Told By The Sims

    Can I just rosebud myself some more beer money?

    1. The "Walked In On My Housemates Having Sex So May As Well Cheer Them On" Drunk.

    2. The "Gonna Dance Real Sexy So That Guy Notices Me" Drunk.

    3. The "Hey How You Doin'?" Drunk.

    4. The "Goddamn, This Is The Sexiest I've Ever Felt" Drunk.

    5. The "Eating Chinese Takeaway And Listening To Adele" Drunk.

    6. The "I Can Get This Cereal Into My Mouth If I Concentrate Really Hard" Drunk.

    When you're drunk and you're trying to eat food

    7. The "I Need To Sit And Think About My Life" Drunk

    8. The "How The Hell Did I Get Here?" Drunk.

    9. The "This Is The Hottest Person I've Ever Seen So I Must Propose" Drunk.

    10. The "Fuck It, Lets Just Have Sex Right Here Right Now" Drunk.

    11. The "I've Never Felt A Stronger Desire To Be Naked Than I Do Now" Drunk.

    12. The "Don't Mind Me, Just Snoozing Until The Taxi Comes" Drunk.


    13. The "This Strip Of Pavement Looks Like A Great Place To Sleep" Drunk.

    14. The "I Absolutely Must Serenade My Bestie" Drunk.

    This romantic or weird? Moment brought to you by the Sims 4.

    15. The "Just Bidding On Some Ed Sheeran Merchandise" Drunk.

    16. The "OMG I Have Superhuman Strength" Drunk.

    17. The "I'm Gonna Go And Put Things In Places They Don't Belong" Drunk.

    18. The "All I Wanted Was To Bake This One Cake Why Is Nothing Going Right For Me" Drunk.

    19. The "I've Lost The Will To Live" Drunk.

    20. The "I Think I've Just Found My New Best Friend" Drunk.

    21. The "Let's Try And Re-enact The End Of Dirty Dancing" Drunk.

    Workout buddies! But really the sims being able to go through each other gets weird sometimes.

    22. The "Sorry, Didn't Quite See You There" Drunk.

    23. The "Nope I'm Not Wasted At All" Drunk.

    24. The "Maybe I Just Need A Makeover" Drunk.

    25. The "Oh Boy, The Whole World Is Spinning" Drunk.

    26. The "If I Lie Very Still I Won't Puke" Drunk.

    27. The "I'm Feeling Frisky But I'm All Alone" Drunk.