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"Miss Todd" Delivers The Feminist Heroine Of Your Dreams

Miss Todd is a brilliant short, stop-motion, musical animation about the first woman to build and design an airplane.

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The New York Times acknowledged her work in 1909, describing her as "a little woman who has invented and built one of the handsomest aerpolanes in existence."

However, soon after Miss Todd's airplane took flight, her aviation career ended abruptly and she was soon forgotten.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News Yee explained why she felt so inspired by Lillian:

She really jumped out at me because I was so unaware of her. Even now women face discrimination in the sciences (well, many places, sadly!), so in that time she must have had a lot of grit to do what she did.


Writer Frances Poletti added:

We talked about the gender imbalance in the film industry, especially for directors. We felt there was something in Miss Todd's struggle we could connect with and was worthy of celebration.

Once we'd heard of her – there was no letting go of such an inspiring woman's story.


We asked Poletti for any last words of advice to aspiring filmmakers: "Keep going, cheesy as this expression is, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Filmmaking takes grit, tenacity and patience."

Yee added: "I would say never be discouraged by rejection, and make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. There are many, far easier ways of making money – you have to love making films, enough to do it and keep doing it even if you're broke."

You can watch the film in full here: