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    We Need To Talk About The Flawlessness Of Olivia Wilde In "The OC"

    Alex Kelly for life <3

    1. When Alex Kelly, badass bartender babe, entered The Bait Shop everything changed.


    2. Alex was amazing because she hated bullshit, dudes being dumb and having to get up early.

    3. Her character was also one of the first times we got to see a bisexual woman as someone who wasn't a total psycho.


    Unlike Catherine in Basic Instinct Alex is a normal girl living in Newport (and just happens to be ridiculously hot).

    4. Initially Alex dated Seth and they were moderately adorable.

    But this is NOT the relationship we care about (sorry Seth).

    This is the relationship we actually care about.

    5. The first time Alex and Marissa hung out together we all hoped ~something~ would happen.


    6. They don't kiss straight away but they share this look which is pretty much hardcore sex between eyeballs.


    7. Then there's the impromptu drive to LA.


    Rilo Kiley's "Portions For Foxes" plays during this scene, which is truly one of the greatest badass women anthems of all time.

    8. We get to know Alex's funnier side when Marissa asks what her butterfly tattoo means.


    9. Shortly after we see her being tender and affectionate when she gives Marissa her heart necklace as a thanks for saving her from that weird ex-girlfriend Jodie.


    when marissa took alex's heart necklace from her ex. marissa rescued alex's heart. rip me

    10. Things are still kinda platonic until Alex sees an almost topless Marissa and pulls this face.


    Same tbh, Cooper has some banging sideboob.

    11. Back at The Bait Shop Marissa and Alex hold hands for the first time and suddenly everything in your life just makes sense.


    12. At this point our OTP still hasn't been on a date but Marissa comes to Alex after a difficult dinner with her mum. Alex asks if she wants to come to the beach with her.


    13. So this is when shit gets real. They go to the beach as this beautiful Bell X1 song plays.

    View this video on YouTube

    14. Then the tide turns and the most beautiful display of passion happens in television history.

    15. Seriously, that vanilla kiss in The Notebook has nothing on this.


    16. There was a slight wobble that almost caused our hearts to stop when Marissa tells Alex she can't tell Summer about their relationship.



    18. Marissa's mum is a bit trickier to fill in but the sneakiness makes their relationship even more fun, sexy and a little mischievous.

    19. And then Marissa shows up at Alex's fucking drenched from the rain because they don't do umbrellas in Newport.


    20. A bit later Seth arrives and says what we're all thinking.

    21. Now this is when things start to go a bit shit. Marissa accidentally dyes their clothes pink.


    Because Marissa is spoiled AF and has never had to do her own laundry before.

    22. And then she lies to Alex and says she's hanging out with Summer when she's actually hanging out with Ryan. THIS FUCKING LOSER:


    23. Our hearts break for Alex once again when Julie Cooper instills some more insecurity in her.


    24. Then Alex goes to Seth for advice and we all sighed because unrequited love is a fucking dick.

    25. A lot of people would have given up at this point, but not Alex Kelly. She goes to find that wet fish Ryan to fight for her girlfriend.

    26. But the damage has been done. Alex visits Marissa at her school's bonfire and the breaking up commences.

    27. "A Smile That Explodes" by Joseph Arthur plays and the lyrics sink right into your heart until you're still thinking about them in your late twenties.

    "I'd hold you in my arms
    Until we came back down
    A smile that explodes
    I could never understand

    I write one more
    Letter I won't send
    Except for across the floor."

    28. Alex reveals she's going to leave Newport.


    The writers had her return home to her parents and go back to school which is way too boring and hetronormative for the Alex we've come to know and love. In my mind she's off to become the tour manager for a feminist punk band where she falls in love with the lead singer and writes a bestselling poetry anthology based on her many adventures on the road.

    29. This pretty abrupt end to Alex Kelly's storyline may have had a bit to do with The OC's creator Josh Schwartz who didn't want the show to become too political.

    In the DVD commentary for the episode “Rainy Day Women” Schwartz says: “I think the Alex/Marissa storyline truthfully was built so Seth could say: ‘You broke up with me for Marissa’ as much as I’d like to say we were advancing the perception of bi-sexual relationships in the twenty-first century.”

    Right OK.

    30. But fuck that guy, Olivia Wilde has come out and said some wonderful things about playing Alex.

    31. And on What What Happens Live! Wilde revealed she counts her and Barton's kiss as one of her favourites.


    32. Thanks for the memories Alex. Your stay in Newport was too short and we'll never forget you.