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This 2-Year-Old Harry Styles Mini-Me Is Showing One Direction How It's Done

This toddler can even carry off a man bun.

Meet Michael Rangamiz, a half-Iranian, half-Russian toddler, who is giving Harry Styles a run for his money.

This fashion icon is just 2 years old and wears skinny jeans and headbands better than anyone.

His instagram account, run by his mother, has over 50,000 followers.

Each post receives thousands of likes, and it's easy to see why.

And directioners send Michael fan art like this:

If I was Harry's stylist, I'd be taking notes.

Look at that pout!

According to the instagram account, Michael's mum searches through the latest Harry snaps to get inspiration for these 'twins' photoshoots.

She even nails all the details, like scarves and man buns.

Seriously, that man bun is a work of art.

Harry approves Michael!

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