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31 Faces Every Actor Will Immediately Recognise

"Wait, how much are those headshots going to cost me?"

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1. The "Waking Up For A 5AM Call Time" Face.


2. The "Trying To Stay Calm When One Of Your Fave Actors Is In Something You're In" Face.

3. The "OMFG And They Are Talking To Me Right Now" Face.

4. The "My costume Is Insanely Uncomfortable, But I Don't Want To Seem Unprofessional By Complaining" Face.

5. The "FFS Just Been Stitched Into My Costume And Now I Need To Pee" Face.

6. The "I Shrunk My Costume In The Dryer And Now It Barely Fits" Face.

Morgan Creek Productions

7. The "I've Just Noticed By Black Leggings Are Giving Me Major Camel Toe" Face.

8. The "Totally Forgot I've Still Got My Stage Makeup On And Now I'm On The Bus" Face.

9. The "Finally, I Get To Take This Makeup Off And Now My Skin Can Breeeeaaaathe" Face.


10. The "I've Been To Like 15 Auditions And Now I Can't Even Remember My Own Name" Face.

Paramount Pictures

11. The "Wait, HOW Much Are Those Headshots Going To Cost Me?" Face.

You better be friggin' Annie Leibovitz.
Warner Bros.

You better be friggin' Annie Leibovitz.

12. The "Just Happy-Crying After A Really Great But Emotionally Exhausting Audition" Face.

Summit Entertainment

13. The "I've Been Searching All Day But I Can't Find An Appropriate Audition Monologue" Face.

14. The "Just Rehearsing This Love Scene With A Pineapple" Face.

15. The "BRB Just Refreshing My Inbox All Day Waiting To Hear Back From An Audition" Face.


16. The "I Would Have Gotten The Part But I Was Too Tall" Face.

17. The "How Dare You Ask Me What I Actually Do For A Living" Face.

18. The "I Had One Bad Audition And Now My Parents Want Me To Go To Law School" Face.

19. The "These Acoustics Are Shite So I'm Just Trying To Project My Voice" Face.

When the audience hearing you is more important than how pretty you sound. #ActorProblems

20. The "I've Got A New Look To Avoid Getting Type Cast" Face.

21. The "Shit I Just Slipped Out Of My Accent, Hope No One Noticed" Face.


22. The "Director Has Dismissed Everyone But Me" Face.

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23. The "If You're Ill At Dress Rehearsal Stay The Hell Away From Me" Face.


24. The "Oh Gawd What Are My Lines Again?" Face.


25. The "I Could Have Sworn I Heard My Cue But Now I'm On Stage Two Scenes Early" Face.


26. The "This Rehearsal Is So Boring I'm Not On For Another 50 Pages" Face.

A&M films

27. The "I Just Got Rejected For Being Too Old And Too Young At The Same Time" Face.


28. The "I'm Basically Never Not Acting" Face.

Sometimes when I get out of the shower I pretend I'm an old shepherd walking through the desert. #Actorproblems

29. The "Look Mum, You Can See Me On TV, There I Am..." Face.

Actors be like "look there's me!" #actorProblems #relevant

30. The "Waiting To Audition With 600 Other People And One Of Them Is Banging On About How Great They Were In Miss Saigon" Face.

31. And finally: The "YES YES YES I GOT THE PART" Face.