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31 Faces Every Actor Will Immediately Recognise

"Wait, how much are those headshots going to cost me?"

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8. The "Totally Forgot I've Still Got My Stage Makeup On And Now I'm On The Bus" Face.

14. The "Just Rehearsing This Love Scene With A Pineapple" Face.

19. The "These Acoustics Are Shite So I'm Just Trying To Project My Voice" Face.

When the audience hearing you is more important than how pretty you sound. #ActorProblems

28. The "I'm Basically Never Not Acting" Face.

Sometimes when I get out of the shower I pretend I'm an old shepherd walking through the desert. #Actorproblems

29. The "Look Mum, You Can See Me On TV, There I Am..." Face.

Actors be like "look there's me!" #actorProblems #relevant