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This Artist Made An Incredible Replica Of Monica's Apartment In "Friends"

Could this BE any cuter?

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Monica's apartment has been everyone's dream home for a long time, but sadly few of us could ever find such a cosy (and somehow affordable) gem. However, Brazilian artist Bruna Conforto has perhaps created the next best thing.

Bruna has made a miniature set entirely from paper and she painted the whole thing by hand.

Bruna Salvador

We asked the 25-year-old about the process of making these miniature sets: "I use tweezers, a precision knife, paper, glue and paint to make all my models. Now I can make a model in two weeks, but Monica's apartment took almost two years to be done. I was working and studying at the time, so I had only one day a week to do, and this was the first model that I did, so I had to try different techniques to get what I wanted."


We asked Bruna what she'll be working on next: "At the moment I want to finish Stars Hollow from "Gilmore Girls" and make Central Perk and Chandler and Joey's apartment but I also have plans to make County General Hospital from "E.R." and some sets from "The Big Bang Theory".

We can't wait to see the final results!

Keep an eye out for more of Bruna's miniature sets on her Tumblr and Facebook page.


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