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    17 Things You Can Only Understand If You've Ever Been Mum-Zoned

    Has someone ever mistaken you for being someone's mother?

    1. First off, here's the definition of the "mum-zone":

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    2. For example: You're at a party and someone asks: "Oh hey, are you so and so's mum?"

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    3. Or someone goes up to your friend who's standing next to you and says: "So great you brought your mum along, how lovely."


    4. OR someone shouts at your friend to come join them at the bar and adds: "Oh, and bring your mum too!"


    5. Even though it's not exactly an insult, because mothers are GREAT, you wish they didn't mistake you for being twice the age of all your friends.

    Walt Disney Pictures
    Walt Disney Pictures

    6. You start to think: "Hmmm, maybe I should start to dress like someone my own age?"


    "But elastic high-waited jeans are just so comfy!"

    7. And maybe you shouldn't carry that massive bag around you everywhere you go...?

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    "But it's perfect for storing my water bottle, address book, umbrella, vitamin pills, plasters and sewing kit!"

    8. "Perhaps my interests are a little old-fashioned...?"

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    9. And some people really do act like you're a mother to them.

    But you just give the best advice.

    10. Once you've gotten through the initial shock of being "mum-zoned" you realise it's not that bad, even if you do look slightly maternal - who cares?

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    11. Yes your favourite nights include sherry and chocolate and a good book, so what?

    12. You are the sensible one of your friend group, but that's something to be proud of.


    Thanks to you, your friends haven't died of their hangovers.

    13. Plus your preparedness means you've always got an assortment of snacks with you in case your pals get hungry.

    14. Besides, great things happen in the mum-zone. You can scold people you don't like.


    15. You can pull hilarious tricks on people, because everyone does what you tell them.

    16. Which also means you can boss people about.

    17. So, you know what? Long live that mum-zone!


    Mum-zone FTW!

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