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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    49 Relationship Resolutions Twentysomethings Should Consider

    Whether you're looking for love or in a long-term relationship, keep these things in mind.

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    1. Stop playing the dating game — don't let the whole "I need to wait three hours to text back" thing take up time and space in your head. Just be yourself.

    2. Open yourself up to love. Don't let your cynicism close you down.

    3. It's one of the biggest clichés out there, but love yourself first, else you won't be able to find love with someone else. Heal your heart and get your confidence back if it's been knocked, and then you'll be more than ready to enter the dating ring.

    4. Ditch exes you keep sort-of-kind-of going back to.

    5. Don't dwell on past relationship failures.

    6. Date unashamedly. Try online dating if you want, or speed dating, or Tinder. Don't feel like you're being lame, try new things, be adventurous.

    7. Stop being too picky and scrap ridiculous deal breakers.

    8. Weed out the "fuckboys" in your life, people who make you feel shitty, leave you hanging, or only think about themselves. You don't want no scrub.

    9. If you're dating someone who makes you feel bad — whether they check out other people when you're with them or give you little snide remarks about your looks — let them know it's not OK.

    10. Never, ever let anyone make you feel like you're not good enough.

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    11. Don't ignore the little relationship voice of doubt, because it will only get louder.

    12. Address your jealousy issues. Why are you jealous? Why is it hard for you to trust someone? If it's something you've been through in the past, tell your new partner about it.

    13. Make sure you have someone outside of the relationship you can talk to and vent to.

    14. Always say what's on your mind — don't bottle things up.

    15. Show that you care, and never assume people just "know" how you feel about them — make it obvious.

    16. Be brave: If you want to say "I love you," just do it.

    17. Don't stay with someone just because it's convenient.

    18. Don't stay with someone just because you feel bad.

    19. Plan plenty of "treat yo' self" days for you and your partner.

    20. Even in a long-term relationship, make sure you've got enough "me time" where you can just read a book by yourself.

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    21. Don't let a relationship take up all your time so you never see your friends.

    22. Don't feel like you have to do EVERYTHING together.

    23. Sex shouldn't just make your partner feel amazing, it should make you feel amazing too. Find out what you like doing in the bedroom; unleash your inner sex goddess.

    24. If you're not enjoying sex, or it's not quite working for you, talk about it with your partner.

    25. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to them. That's what they're there for.

    26. Don't get ahead of yourself. Take things slowly or at your own pace.

    27. On the flip side, if things are going ah-mazing and they're moving pretty fast but you're both totally OK with it, don't allow other people to make you feel reckless or stupid. Follow your instincts.

    28. Learn to say you're sorry, genuinely.

    29. But if you're always the one apologising, figure out why that is.

    30. Don't treat arguments like a battle that you HAVE TO WIN.

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    31. Money is an awkward subject, but it's important to be able to talk about it, especially if you're sharing finances.

    32. Don't lie to your significant other, even if you think it's a white lie for their benefit.

    33. Don't fake orgasms or pretend to enjoy a sex move when you're really just not.

    34. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop comparing your relationship to other relationships.

    35. Stop snooping. If you're going through their phone, search history, etc., it's because you don't trust them. Figure out why that is.

    36. Stop fretting about The One or soulmates or the big picture. Just ~breathe~.

    37. Go on plenty of adventures together.

    38. But also be comfortable doing absolutely nothing all weekend.

    39. Give each other a ton of massages.

    40. Put your phones away when you're having dinner.

    41. Have more showers together — it's fun and you save water.

    42. Don't worry about having it all.

    43. Appreciate each other's families and quality family time.

    44. Be comfortable with each other in whatever state you're in; don't feel like you have to look your very BEST all the time. They're not there to judge you.

    45. Try to be less sensitive about the smaller things.

    46. Dance as much as possible, be goofy, run around the living room, arm wrestle, and unleash your inner kid.


    47. Find a place you guys can be regulars, a space for just the two of you.

    48. Make out with them as much as possible.

    49. And lastly, eat loads of pizza together, because pizza = love.

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