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What's The Most Awkward Housemate Situation You've Been In?

Walking in on your butt-naked housemate having sex is ALWAYS awkward.

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Sharing a house with other people seems really great at first, but living in such close proximity with another person can be a bit tricky...

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You end up getting to know each other a little too well...

Some have no concept of appropriate attire.

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Or they turn your home into a party house and you have to do the awkward: "Can you keep it down?" thing in front of 50 strangers.

"Lighten up! It's just a party?"

"Do I know you?"

Then you have those housemates who are SO quiet you genuinely start to feel a bit creeped out.

Cartoon Network / Via

Do they EVER leave the house? Are they alive? ARE THEY A GHOST?

There's also the delicate matter of sleeping with your housemate...


Either this is great, and you end up falling madly in love OR you end up never being able to avoid them and an impenetrable force of sexual tension develops.

Now it's your turn to share! Tell us your awkward housemate horror story in the comments below!


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