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Everyone Thinks The Dutch Eurovision Act Is Singing In Geordie


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Tonight, Trijntje Oosterhuis, who is representing the Netherlands at Eurovision, sang her song "Walk Along" during the first Semi Finals.

Here we goooooooo @Trijntje_O #eurovision #esf15 #NED #ESC2015 #walkalong

The song went a bit like this...


And repeated those lyrics over and over and over again...


Which had a lot of people speculating that she might be Geordie, even Scarlett Moffatt from Gogglebox:

The Netherlands speaking fluent Geordie way aye aye aye aye ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #eurovision #Eurovision2015

Studio Lambert /

Geordie Shore spotted it too:

HA'D ON. We reckon that lass from #NED has been watching #GeordieShore. ๐Ÿ˜‚ #WeyAyeAyeAye #Eurovision2015


And soon enough Twitter was aflutter.

Bit Geordie this one #NED #Eurovision

Are Geordie's allowed to enter for another country? #eurovision

Some hated it.

This Netherlands Geordie is making my ears bleed. Why aye! Change the lyrics love. #Eurovision

Don't like any of them so far. Not even Geordie Natalie Imbruglia. #Eurovision

While others welcomed her into their Geordie arms.

Get in! The Netherlands entry is in Geordie. Why aye! #Eurovision

Geordie lady in baggy babygro and tukka boots. YAY. #netherlands #Eurovision

#ned Why aye pet! It's a Geordie welcome song #Eurovision2015

Her outfit didn't go unnoticed either.

Why? Why-eye-eye-eye am I singing like a Geordie at a MC Hammer party? #eurovision

Why-y-y-y are you wearing a wingsuit and speaking Geordie? #NED #Eurovision2015

Trijtnje was actually supposed to wear this rather more revealing dress, but ditched it for a jumpsuit.

En dit is de jurk van Trijntje!! I like! Jullie?

Maybe she shouldn't have?