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25 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Socially Awkward People Cringe

This one time someone sneezed and I said: "Good night".

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2. You lose all control of your body.

4. And it *still* goes wrong.


5. Instead of recovering gracefully, your blundering brain will slip up again two seconds later.

8. Besides, you tend to crack yourself up more than anyone else can.


10. When people display sudden outbursts of emotion, you feel a little uneasy.

12. And there are some people who get a little too close to you when they talk.


15. You have no idea how to converse with someone you find attractive.

16. Your worst nightmare is when you're hanging out with a pal at a party and they go to the toilet.


19. Small talk is really not your thing.


24. This person makes a rather terrifying point.

25. And lastly, the only time you feel at ease is in the blissful comfort of your own home.