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    13 Mistakes Twentysomethings Should Be 100% OK With

    Go ahead and mess up!

    1. Working a job you hate.

    2. Renting a crappy place.

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    Unless your dad owns the Hilton hotels, your first flat isn't going to be very lavish. If you have to choose between your parent's couch or a tiny, mouldy apartment you can only just afford, go for the latter. One day you'll be able to move your arms around without knocking into the sink, but not just yet.

    3. Losing touch with people.

    Whether it's friends from school or uni, there are certain groups of people you won't keep in touch with any more. This doesn't make you a crappy person – it's just part of life. Having said that, if you miss certain people, you should absolutely pick that phone up and organise a reunion. The best of friends can go years without speaking, and when they meet up it's as if they never spent any time apart.

    4. Falling for the wrong person.


    When you end a relationship with someone who was obviously wrong for you, it's easy to think, "Wow, I wasted a LOT of time there," but you didn't. If you don't fall for the wrong person, how will you know when you've found the right one?

    5. Wasting time.

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    People will harp on about your twenties being a super-inspiring decade where you seize the day, go on adventures, find yourself etc etc. When you're not doing those things, anxiety kicks in: "Shit am I making the most of it?" Truth is, your twenties are also exhausting, and it's perfectly OK to spend your evenings on the couch, watching reality TV. You deserve a rest.

    6. Not taking risks.

    Taking a sudden big risk and changing the course of your entire life isn't for everyone. If you're anxiety prone, making a big decision can cause weeks of internal debate: "Should I take this job? Should I move in with this person? WHAT DO I DO??" Take things at your own pace and don't use other people's choices as a compass. You are your own person.

    7. Pretending to be someone you're not.


    Even if you're super confident and self-assured, there's still a chance that you'll alter your personality ever so slightly just to fit in. The older you get, the more you'll get to know yourself and prevent this.

    8. Binge dating.


    Never let anyone make you feel bad about how often and how many people you're dating, as long as you're honest with people and you don't play games.

    There are times you'll have a great first, second, and even third date, and then *poof* you never hear from them again. Don't fret over this, people are just discovering themselves and might be unsure what they’re looking for. Never take it personally.

    9. Moving too fast.

    10. Spending money you don't have.


    If you're a savvy budgeter, please tell me your secrets, because most people, no matter how good their intentions are, will end up blowing cash on something that's not really worth it.

    Don't beat yourself up about this. You can get yourself out of debt and into a better financial mindset, but it won't happen overnight. Start by saving up small amounts – it’s more about starting the habit.

    11. Obsessing over social media.


    It's easy to cringe over the times you obsessed over some the Instagram of some random girl who may have once been friends with your ex. Her body is SO great, her hair is amazing, and omg have you seen her cute dog!

    You know it's bad for you, but you do it anyway. Relax, everyone does. Just remember that people lie – they hide behind a filter and they're just showing you the best, most fun parts of themselves.

    12. Telling white lies on Instagram.

    13. Doing a complete life 180, only to regret it.

    If you've gone through a big life change you may come out the other end thinking: "OK, this is it, I'm gonna be a totally new person now READY GO."

    Cut to the next day when you realise you're exactly where you started.

    Big changes don't happen overnight, but it's the intention that counts. Take little steps, finish what you start, and you'll be OK.

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