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22 Problems All People With Resting Kanye Face Will Understand

This is a no-smile zone.

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1. On the inside you're all sunshine and daisies and ponies and pure delight 😄.

2. But on the outside you're more like:


3. You might be having the time of your life, but your face looks like it's staring into the abyss of an existential crisis.

4. Even when you're celebrating a huge milestone in your life, your face can't quite convey it.

5. This means people are constantly telling you to "cheer up".


6. People bombard you with funny texts because they just want to see you smile.

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

7. Or they insist that you tell them what on earth is wrong with you.


8. People always think you disapprove of them. They often ask why you don't like them, to which your response is:


9. I mean, it's not your fault your face is a powerful well of emotion.

Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

10. You don't see why people keep bugging you. Your face is your face 😐.

11. In your mind you're thinking "God, I love it here", but your sad eyes and droopy mouth say otherwise.

12. Even if you're absolutely over-the-moon ecstatic about something, your face remains like this:

Valerie Macon / Getty Image

13. People looking for validation or positive enforcement shouldn't come knocking at your door.

"This is a great show, I'm really enjoying my time here.""You sure?"
Getty Images Craig Barritt

"This is a great show, I'm really enjoying my time here."

"You sure?"

14. Posing for photos is not your thing either. Smiling physically hurts you.



15. You think you've mustered a decent grin, but then you check the photo back and...

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16. People often assume you're in need of a good hug.

17. But human contact just makes it worse.

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Sad Kanye Was The Absolute Worst Part About This Year’s Super Bowl

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18. Even one hand on your wife's beautiful boob won't change the state of your face.


19. It's just so tiring for you to be peppy.

20. This is you trying to be your utmost cheerful. Your eyeballs are practically being squished out of your skull.

Getty Images Vivien Killilea

21. When you let your face sink back to its natural, sad-puppyesque state, it's such a relief.

22. Besides, everyone knows there is only one person who has the power to make you smile: