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22 Mums Who Are Confused AF About This Pokémon Go Thing

"Please tell me this is about drugs."

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1. A lot of mothers out there suspect Pokémon is a code word for "drugs".

Mom: What did you do this weekend? 30-year-old: Went out and caught Pokemon. Mom: Please tell me this is about drugs.

And some of them are getting a bit worried.

2. Others think Pokémon are actual real-life creatures.

3. And they're freaking out.

y'all my mom just saId she didn't see pokemons in the garden and that someone stole them SHE THOUGHT A PHYSICAL POKEMON WOULD BE THERE

4. This mom is getting annoyed by trespassers.

My mom just called me freaking out and apparently someone was trying to catch a Pokemon in our back yard

5. No wonder they're angry when their privacy is constantly being invaded.

My mom just got mad at me for walking into her room at 12:30, sorry it's not my fault U got a Pokémon hiding in there.. Gimme a break

6. These parents weren't exactly ready for their Pokémon Master prodigy to come out.

"mom, dad, I'm-" "honey we already know you're gay, you came out to us-" "-gonna be a Pokémon master"

7. This mom was surprised her kid was finally leaving the house.

8. Some moms are judging their offspring.

mom: "You're 30. Why are you still playing Pokémon?" me: (clenches fist) me: (whispers) "I wanna be the very best."

9. While others are still utterly clueless.

*downloads Pokémon Go* "hey mom I'm gonna go for a walk!" mom: "It's about time you got off that damn phone"

10. This mother hopes Pokémon Go will finally lead to grandchildren.

me: look at all these grown adults running around outside looking for pokemon mom: maybe youll meet the man of your dreams out there me: 🤔

11. Which might be the same reason some moms are very willing to help their children out.

*driving across the country w/ my family* Trevor: mom drive over to that Pokemon tower Mom: Damnit Trevor this one better be close

12. This mom was feeling weird about her kid lurking around the neighbourhood.

13. Quite a few mothers are taking to Facebook to talk about Pokémon Go.

14. Others are just losing it.

action shot of my mom yelling at me and my friends to be careful of creepy men when hunting for Pokemon after dark

15. Moms out there are often left wondering where the hell their children are.

Mom: Where's your brother? Me: Isn't he in his room? Mom: No... Me: *texts brother* Brother: I'm down the street catching Pokémon.

16. And their spouses for that matter.

17. For some kids, it's better to keep their moms oblivious.

mom: lots of people at church! more than I've seen in a long time! me: *doesn't have the heart to tell her that the church is a Pokemon gym*

18. While this mom wasn't falling for her son's sudden interest in church.

19. Some moms are getting in on the action themselves.

20. This mom is using the Roomba vacuum cleaner to hatch her eggs (so smart).

21. And here we have it, the ultimate PokéMom.