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    31 Jokes Only "Stranger Things" Fans Will Find Funny

    I can't stop thinking about Eggos.

    1. This tribute to a classic.

    2. This reward for Steve.

    3. This comparison to Butch Coolidge and Fabienne from Pulp Fiction.

    4. These screengrabs that show just how precious the Stranger Things kids really are.

    5. And this tweet that totally agrees.

    6. This interview where Mike warms our hearts and Eleven rolls her eyes.

    7. This painfully true meme you should send to your ex.

    8. "This Is Fine" dog appearing in Nancy Wheeler's bedroom.

    9. This Arthur meme.

    10. This missing poster for poor Barb.

    11. And this very heartfelt ode to Barb.

    13. This super badass Pokémon evolution.

    14. This fantastic insult.

    15. This tweet about Eggos.

    16. This Dustin meme.

    17. This Valentine's Day card.

    18. This moment we've all endured at some point.

    19. The uncanny similarity between Bart and Eleven.

    20. And this brilliant mashup.

    21. This mockup of what Eleven's Instagram account would look like.

    22. And this very important question.

    23. This all-important truism about Eggos.

    24. This wonderful comment on Winona's acting skills.

    25. This CUTEST cosplay ever.

    26. This far less terrifying version of the Demogorgon.

    27. This girl power tweet.

    28. This meme that proves Stranger Things gets scary AF.

    29. SERIOUSLY scary.

    30. This pun about our favourite, most badass character.

    31. And lastly this tweet, because anyone who hates Stranger Things is an idiot.