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    21 Pieces Of Ed Sheeran Fan Art That Are Actually Amazing

    Ed Sheeran has some very talented fans.

    1. This drawing.

    2. This portrait of baby Sheeran.

    3. This detailed painting.

    4. This stunning pencil drawing.

    5. These colourful portraits.

    6. This hilariously cute illustration.

    Which is based on the moment the singer dressed up as Annie on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    7. This piece that celebrates his album Multiply.

    8. This mini geeky Ed.

    9. And this slightly chubby version.

    10. This detailed illustration.

    11. And this one, made with Aquarelle colour pencils.

    12. A darker, edgier piece of fan art.

    13. Here his tattoos are brought to life with water soluble pencils.

    14. This illustration based on his song with Taylor Swift, "Everything Has Changed".

    15. Ed's beautiful blue eyes.

    16. This great sketch.

    17. This stunning ballpoint pen portrait.

    18. Ed Sheeran and his cat.

    19. Here's a baby Ed Sheeran playing with a toy version of himself.

    20. Ed Sheeran the typography edition.

    21. This tribute to his song "Lego House".

    22. This cute pencil drawing.

    23. And lastly, this sultry portrait.