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    68 New Year's Resolutions That Will Help You Own Your Twenties In 2016

    2016, here we come.


    1. Buy a second-hand analogue camera and learn how to shoot film. It'll give you a great reason to go exploring on the weekends.

    2. Get your friends together and take silly, sexy, and dreamy portraits.

    3. Take a basic gymnastics class and finally learn how to do a cartwheel.

    4. Start putting money away for your dream holiday.

    5. Track your progress with an app like Mint so you can see how much you've saved over time.

    6. Host a school disco reunion for your favourite school friends (even if you see them all the time anyway).

    7. Go on a date with your BFF.

    8. But make sure it's proper romantic (fancy dinner, candlelight, and expensive wine etc.)

    9. Cook a five-course meal for your parents.

    10. Unfollow all the people you hate-stalk on Facebook and Instagram.

    11. Invest in a colouring book and fancy pencils. You'll be surprised how relaxing an hour of colouring can be.

    12. Spend an afternoon with your grandparents and ask them everything you've ever wanted to know about their childhood.

    13. And finally teach them how to use Facebook.

    14. Volunteer at a dog rescue centre.

    15. Clear out your wardrobe and host a massive clothes swap.

    16. Go vegetarian (for AT LEAST a week).

    17. Download a language app on your phone and learn a new language during your commute.

    18. Turn your flat into a spa for the weekend and invite your best pals for a pampering session.

    19. Get your siblings together and re-create your favourite family photo.

    20. Learn how to sew a button back on.

    21. Jump into a pool fully dressed.

    22. Go to a life drawing class.

    23. Hang up your artwork (even if it's kind of awful).

    24. And if you're feeling really brave, sign up to be a nude model.

    20th Century Fox

    25. Go to your nearest beach on a super windy day and scream as loud as you can.

    26. Blag your way into a business class at your nearest university.

    27. Visit the first bar you ever went to.

    28. Download a podcast on a subject you know nothing about.

    29. For a week make a note of everything you spend your money on. You might learn where you're wasting your cash.

    30. Write a letter to a relative or a friend in a different country.

    31. Learn a magic trick.

    32. Or a classic joke (basically anything you can whip out at a party).

    33. Throw out all your faded old underwear and replace with ones that make you feel sexy.

    34. Also, chuck out any socks with holes in them – you don't need them.

    35. Cook a meal out of fruit and vegetables you've never tried before (worst case make a smoothie).

    36. If drunk-dialling makes you wake up with a shame hangover, block their number.

    37. Spend a week walking to work instead of commuting via train/bus/tube.

    Cartoon Network

    38. Clear out all that junk underneath your bed.

    39. Empty your entire wardrobe and get rid of things you haven't worn in months. Send the wearable items to refugee support centres.

    40. Spend an evening going through old family photos.

    41. Commit to a charity run (or a walk).

    42. On a rainy weekend put your wellies on, find the nearest field and jump in as many puddles as you can.

    43. Host a "Friend Olympics" in the park with games like tug of war, sack racing, egg and spoon etc.

    44. Fill your living space with fresh flowers.

    45. Spend an afternoon crafting handmade cards.

    46. Send one to someone who could use a pick-me-up.

    47. Plan a pub crawl in your local area, visit all the places you've been meaning to go to.

    48. Set yourself a five-year plan, even if this kinda thing bores you to death (or scares you to death). Force your brain to think long-term.

    49. Upgrade your bed sheets.

    50. Also invest in fabric softener that makes your clothes smell like daisies.

    51. Read all the Harry Potter books from start to finish.

    52. And when you're done, host a Harry Potter party for your fellow Potter friends.

    53. Get a health check-up with your GP.

    54. Buy a cheap tablet you can hook up to your laptop and start drawing.

    55. Set up playlists for all sorts of moods: sad, anxious, happy, worried. So you've got music to hand no matter what state you're in.

    56. Cook a meal for a friendly neighbour.

    57. Buy a ukulele and spend a few hours each week learning how to play your favourite songs.

    58. Invest in a flask so you stop buying overpriced coffee to go.

    59. Host an old-fashioned sleepover with popcorn, truth or dare, and face masks.

    60. Make sure you craft friendship bracelets as well.

    61. Ask your office crush out for a coffee.

    62. Organise your desk and turn it into a place you enjoy working.

    63. Join a group exercise you've never tried before, whether it's volleyball or quidditch.

    Warner Bros.
    Warner Bros.

    64. Run a bath, get a bottle of wine, pop on Adele's album, and just let it all out.

    65. Take up a hobby that you enjoy, not one that looks good on your CV.

    66. Run into the sea in the middle of winter.

    67. Dance on your own for no reason other than the fact that you feel like it.

    68. And remember 2016 is a new year, but it doesn't mean it has to be perfect. Be kind to yourself no matter what.

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