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    Henry Cavill's Beard At The BAFTAs Deserves All The Awards

    Beard of steel.

    Tonight, the BAFTAs celebrates this year's talented actors, actresses and filmmakers, but if there was an award for best beard, Henry Cavill's facial hair would definitely win.

    Getty Images /Ian Gavan

    Here he is parading that magnificent beard at the pre-BAFTA party:

    Getty Images Stuart C. Wilson

    *fans self*

    Here's a close-up so we can truly admire this bushy work of art.

    Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson


    Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson / BuzzFeed

    Don't you just want to dive into that beard?

    Studio Ghibli / Getty / BuzzFeed

    And this is what he looked like a few year ago, jaw line on show, but no beard.

    Getty Images / Emma Peios

    Henry, never shave.

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