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42 Reasons The Netherlands Is The Worst Place On Earth

It's just too flat.

1. The Netherlands? There's really not much going on there.

2. The scenery is pretty average.

3. Amsterdam is nothing special.

4. There is no culture; you'll be bored out of your mind if you go.

5. The dunes aren't pretty at all.

6. Summers are just a pain in the ass.

7. Even the birds can't wait to leave.

8. Nothing of interest happens on a Dutch beach.

9. I bet this guy is SUPER bored.

10. You won't find anything tasty to eat in The Netherlands.

11. Seriously, YUCK.

12. Dutch people do strange things to their fries.

13. And look at this crap they call breakfast.

14. You won't be able to find a decent cup of coffee.

15. And there's too much cheese everywhere.

16. You can't do anything fun in The Netherlands.

17. All the cities are SUPER dull.

18. There's no sense of national pride.

19. People love to just sit on terraces and chat to one another – WHY!?!

20. Cycling everywhere is such a hassle.

21. Children clearly hate it.

22. Parents even transport their kids in these weird crates – how cruel!

23. The way the Dutch like to celebrate is pretty boring.

24. And on New Year's Day they all run into the icy North Sea. Show-offs.

25. Amsterdam Pride? One of the dullest parties out there.

26. Dutch people don't give a crap about their footballers.

27. The queen is just such an average woman.

28. And the royals travel around in ugly carriages like this.

29. The entire place is just TOO flat.

30. And annoyingly colourful.

31. You're not cute, goat. Sorry.

32. Dutch people are SO plain looking.

33. Yawn, go back to Westeros, Michiel Huisman.

34. And the country is way too small. There's no room for anyone.

35. Where the hell are you supposed to go and collect your thoughts?

36. You just feel so claustrophobic everywhere you go.

37. And it's such a hideous country at night.

38. The houses are too cute; it's irritating.

39. How on earth could you live in one of these?

40. So don't ever go to The Netherlands.

41. Don't even think about it.

42. You'd have to be out of your mind.