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28 Things That Happen When You Date A Football Fan

Never ever say: "It's just a game".

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5. Don't forget to bring appropriate materials.

17. You thought you'd totally had the rule covered after watching Bend It Like Beckham.

Future film.

“The offside rule is when the French mustard has to be between the teriyaki sauce and the sea salt.”

18. Despite your lack of football know-how your SO will want you to come along to a game.

And even if you don't like football, it's worth it because there's a good atmosphere and there's lots of beer.

19. Plus you get to unleash any anger you've had stored up.

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It looks like you're yelling: "YOU FAAAKIN WANKER!" to the referee but actually you're yelling it to your boss who refused to give you a pay rise.


22. You also soon realise that football takes up the majority of your weekend.


Xabi Alonso = your weekend plans, De Jong = football.

There's not just the game, there's the lead up, about 3 shows to watch before and a couple more after with all the post-match interviews and Match of the Day on Sunday.

23. Plus they'll be glued to their phone, checking their fantasy teams.

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There's also the dreaded moment they realise they haven't updated their fantasy team before the deadline and run around wailing: "WHAT HAVE I DONE! SUAREZ IS MY CAPTAIN, HE'S NOT EVEN PLAYING!".


26. And it's a tad awkward if the team they support is the one the other football fans in your life don't support.

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Having your dad and boyfriend fight over different teams is awkward, but nothing's more awkward than Arsène Wenger trying to zip up a coat.

27. On holiday you're more than happy to find a place to watch an important game.

Even if it's in a bit of a dive, you're happy to sacrifice a few hours of your holiday so your loved one doesn't feel anxious for missing a big game.