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    29 Tweets That Will Make Sriracha Lovers Orgasm A Little Bit

    Sriracha all over my body please.

    1. All Sriracha fans know: the spicy sauce is essentially sweet nectar from the heavens.

    2. If you're a true fan, you constantly declare your love of the fiery condiment.

    3. You never let it go to waste.

    4. Your other half knows the key to your heart involves some of that tangy goodness.

    5. This is true romance to you.

    6. There's a sexual element to Sriracha as well.

    The smell of Sriracha is intoxicating

    7. A blob of that piquant relish can make people deeply desire you.

    ah french, the language of love. "plateau sriracha les mis bonjore" (your eyes... they shine like diamonds)

    8. You pretty much see Sriracha wherever you go.

    9. You basically are this woman's husband.

    10. There are endless Sriracha combinations and you love them all.

    sriracha and mayo. revolutionary.

    11. Seriously, they're all utterly wonderful.

    12. Sriracha spruces up the most basic things.

    i love a good lunch of Sriracha on plain bread

    13. And yes, even pickles.

    14. But the hardcore lovers go one step further.

    I'm eating sriracha straight from the bottle, this addiction is reaching new levels

    15. In fact there is NOTHING Sriracha won't go on.

    16. The sauce awakens something deep within you.

    17. Sometimes you become the sauce.

    18. All Sriracha products are to die for.

    19. The second they released mini bottles you jumped on board.

    My wife truly knows the way to my heart. #sriracha

    20. In fact, this is how you intend to leave this earth.

    21. Of course, Sriracha isn't for the faint hearted.

    I just accidentally took a swig from a bottle of Sriracha instead of my water bottle AMA

    22. But it does make you feel more ~alive~.

    23. Using someone else's bottle means you're at risk for sticky Sriracha fingers.

    24. But it's totally worth it.

    i hope they have sriracha at breakfast tomorrow i didn't bring any with

    25. You've lost many friends over this condiment.

    My roommate just moved and he took my Sriracha with him..........IM FIGHTING HIM!

    26. But it's also enabled you to do the unspeakable: eat healthy!

    27. You could write a million love letters to that beautiful bright red bottle.

    28. Of course there are some people who go a little too far.

    29. Seriously, this is too much. Stop.