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    23 Faces Everyone With A Sassy Grandma Will Know

    Grandma I'm full, PLEASE don't make me eat anything else.

    1. The "WHAT, You Haven't Had Breakfast Yet" Face.

    2. The "Sally/Sarah/Susie/You There" Face.

    Twitter: @_melina_rose / Via Thinkstock

    3. The "No Grandma I'm Not Pregnant" Face.

    4. The "Feeling Pretty Smug Because I Did Not Pay For This" Face.

    When your gran steals trays from McDonald's

    5. The "Your Generation Sleeps Far Too Much" Face.

    The look your gran gives you when you sleep anytime after 7am.

    6. The "I'm Going To Be Waiting For Grandma Until I Die" Face.

    7. The "But I Was So Certain Love Actually Didn't Have Any Sex Scenes" Face.

    8. The "I Sense A Hungry Grandchild" Face.

    9. The "Only The Best For My Grandson" Face.

    10. The "Does My Gran Know She Is Being Inappropriate?" Face.

    11. The "Just Keep Smiling She Won't Know You're Hungover" Face.

    When you went out on a mad one but promised your nan you would meet her for lunch the next day.

    12. The "WTF Is My Nan Doing With A Better Phone Than Me?" Face.

    when your nan is rocking the S6 edge and you've only got the S4

    13. The "I'll Just Let Her Judge Me And This Will All Be Over Soon" Face.

    Twitter: @Rebeccaocccc / Via Comedy Central

    14. The "Here's Another Useless Gift For My Favourite Grandchild" Face.

    15. The "Let Me Tell You About Maureen From Bingo" Face.

    Twitter: @kellylou93 / Via Thinkstock

    16. The "Go On Then, Show Me How You Do A Selfie" Face.

    When your nan wants to get in on the prom selfie action

    17. The "Surely My Nan Can't Be More Popular Than Me?" Face.

    18. The "Gran just Gave Me Some Extra Money On The Sly" Face.

    When your grandma knows that you're leaving on a trip and slides you some extra $$$ for food

    19. The "No Grandma, Don't Get So Close To The Camera" Face.

    When your grandma discovers the wonders of Facetime 🍪

    20. The “Sucks For You, Mother: Grandma Is On My Side” Face.

    When your grandma tell your mom to leave you alone

    21. The "I Will Cover You In Sunscreen If It's The Last Thing I Do" Face.

    22. The "Oh Can We Just Pop Back To The Frozen Food Aisle?" Face.

    Twitter: @AngMari25 / Via Thinkstock

    23. The "I Have A Busy Day Today, I Need To Spend All Day Flicking Through Catalogues" Face.

    Twitter: @samturner95 / Via Thinkstock

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