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27 Times Conchita Wurst Was So Flawless It Hurt

Conchita Wurst won Eurovision last year, and this year she'll grace us with her presence by hosting the green room. Here are some of her most memorable moments.

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2. Let's all relive *that* moment one more time:

3. Thankfully we won't have to miss her during this year's Eurovision, because Conchita will be hosting the green room.

So good to see you in #Vienna instead of London this time, @grahnort! ❤️

4. Aside from having the voice of an angel, Conchita is an inspiration to her fans.

5. She is the alter-ego of Tom Neuwirth. Conchita has described the way the two work together as: “Two hearts beating in my chest”.

6. She writes on her website that Tom and Conchita are a team.

They are a well-coordinated team that only works as a duo – even though they never set eyes on each other and miss each other in the mirror by mere split seconds on a regular basis: Tom Neuwirth and Conchita Wurst.

The private person and the fictional character respect and appreciate each other. They are two independent personalities with their respective individual life stories and they both take a strong stance for tolerance and against discrimination.

7. Conchita's honesty is refreshing, she's happy to talk openly and candidly. She's never afraid to speak her mind.

8. She's teaching people, old and young, to leave their judgement at the door.


10. Conchita told the The Guardian:

People only look at my beard for a moment. Then it melts away and it's just another part of me. It's like the most natural thing, that this is what a bearded lady looks like. It's beautiful to see.


12. Conchita is dedicated to standing up for human rights and equality for all.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

She told the The Independent: "My teenage years were hard, society telling me that something was wrong with me [being gay, and dressing in skirts]. Over the years I've realised that there's nothing wrong with me."

13. When Conchita won Eurovision last year The Week recognised how important her victory is:

Wurst has become a serious figure of hope for at least some people living under the shadow of officially-sanctioned intolerance.

Conchita then paid a visit to the UN, where the Secretary General praised Conchita for promoting respect for diversity.


14. On the Graham Norton show last year she inspired the crap out of all of us by talking about her childhood:


16. Conchita also modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier's Couture show in Paris.

As if that's not amazing enough, she took the final spot on the runway which is often resevered for Gaultier's favourite model.

17. And she had a stunning photoshoot shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself.


21. Whilst also using this high profile event to stand up for freedom of speech and expression.

Always try to see behind the curtain. <3 #theunstoppables #JeSuisCharlie @GoldenGlobes


23. There's also undeniable proof that Conchita can rock any hairstyle.

25. And we're incredibly jealous of her shoe collection.

26. Also her body is B A N G I NG.

27. Even just chilling at breakfast she looks better than anyone EVER.

Starting into @Eurovision week with a fantastic breakfast - on my bed! ❤️ @LeMeridienVIE #lemeridienvienna