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Mary-Kate And Ashley Pick On Elizabeth Olsen In This Throwback Clip

Mary-Kate and Ashley tell their younger sister to "B-U-T-T out".

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After the twins rose to fame in Full House, they embarked on a ton of projects, including a series of sassy music videos with titles like "Brother for Sale" and "I Am the Cute One".

As you may recall (don't lie, you had all of these on VHS), the videos were part of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, a series of musical mystery videos.


The lyrics of this track include:

🎵 "Now back off and say goodbye.

We'd rather be picked up by a twister,

Than tagged along after by a sister.

We'd rather eat French-fried garden snails,

We'd rather lose all our fingernails,

Or bathe in a pool of slime!

Hasta la vista, baby sista!

Maybe some other time." 🎵


This zinger is followed by the closing lyrics, which go:

🎵 "Phone home, ET, go home ET, B-U-T-T out!

Take a hint, take a hike, B-U-T-T out!

Ya betta, ya betta, ya betta, ya betta, B-U-T-T out!" 🎵

Watch the full video here. Warning: There's a lot of brutal sister sass.

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