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27 Things You Can Only Understand If You're Zero Percent Sassy

"My side-eye looks more like an eye twitch."

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5. But to no avail, sassy pants just don't fit you.

8. Or you have to manually mold your face into a side-eye.

10. You find it quite difficult to let people know you don't give a shit about something, even if it means coming up with a faux enthusiastic reaction.


14. You don't have thick skin. Once you saw a leaf getting blown into the gutter and it made you cry.

15. When people are mean to you on the internet you laugh it off at first...

My absolute favourite mean tweet. #MeanTweets

Thomas Canning@TBabingFollow

My absolute favourite mean tweet. #MeanTweets

11:59 PM - 07 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

But then you go home and weep into your pillow and ask your more sassy friend to tweet something back to the culprit.

17. Posing for photos isn't a natural thing for you. While your fabulous friends strike a pose like this with ease...

21. Sassy people are good at sending texts with one word or just a super cutting "K", whereas you text people long essays describing every facet of your thought process.

"I think we should get pizza tonight but I also don't mind getting pasta and I thought maybe you could pay for it because I've paid for all our meals this week but if it's an issue don't worry I can totally pay for it I just thought maybe you'd want to but if you're too busy just let me know and I'll get it and sorry if this is a really awkward text please don't hate me I'm looking forward to pizza I hope you are too."


26. Your sassy hair flicks always end up in a disaster, either you gouge someone's eye out or worse, you end up falling in a pool.

27. In general your least favourite thing is drawing attention to yourself, you mainly wish you could walk around like this.

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