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46 Reasons You Should Never Leave Amsterdam

Beautiful architecture, oodles of culture and awesome people. Amsterdam is the best.

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1. Because the city has so many beautiful bridges.

Flickr: brenopeck / Creative Commons

There are over 1200 bridges in Amsterdam, adding to the city's romantic charm and they're the perfect place to marvel at the rest of the city from.


9. Because Amsterdam's nightlife is unrivaled.

Flickr: passetti / Creative Commons

Unfortunately Trouw is closing at the end of 2014 :( but luckily there are clubs aplenty! There's Paradiso & Bitterzoet for amazing live gigs and if you want to go all out, AIR is unmissable.

10. Because there's always something to do, no matter what time of year.

Flickr: luc-mechelen / Creative Commons

There are hundreds of festivals happening around the city throughout the year, from big dance parties to fashion events and arts fairs. Boredom doesn't exist in Amsterdam.


12. Because the best place to celebrate Gay Pride is in Amsterdam.

Flickr: cgeorgatou

Pride festivals are fun wherever you choose to celebrate but Amsterdam Gay Pride is really one of a kind. All major events take place between the 31st of July and the 2nd of August, colourful floats take to the canal, people dance in the street - it's a party like you've never seen before!

14. Because the Negen Straatjes are a shopper's paradise.

Flickr: ronel_reyes / Creative Commons

You are guaranteed to find the perfect outfit in the Negen Straatjes (the nine streets) with beautiful vintage shops like Laura Dols, Second Best and Episode.


19. Because it's easy to get swept up in Dutch national pride.

Flickr: merlijnhoek / Creative Commons

Whether Dutch people are cheering on their national football team or taking to the streets to celebrate King's Day in April - soon enough you'll find yourself dressed in Orange shouting: "Hup Holland Hup!"


26. Because the Bruin cafés give you a slice of authentic Amsterdam life.

Flickr: benandclare / Creative Commons

Bruin cafés, or brown cafés, are unique to Amsterdam. These Dutch pubs may look a bit dark, damp and nicotine-stained but within the cosy interiors you're bound to meet some local celebrities.


33. Because they know how to serve chips.

Flickr: vitamindave / Creative Commons

What you see here is a "Patatje Oorlog" which is chips covered in "war" sauce, a mix of mayonnaise, peanut sauce, and raw onions. It tastes better than it sounds.

34. Because Amsterdam takes its coffee very seriously.

Flickr: screenpunk / Creative Commons

If you're fan of a milky latte be sure to order a "Koffie Verkeerd", which actually translates to "wrong coffee" because of how much milk goes into it.

Bonus: in The Netherlands you'll never be served a coffee without a biscuit on the side.


41. Because you can get your theatre kicks at the Westergasfabriek.

Flickr: cerfon / Creative Commons

This venue used to be a massive gas factory and now it's turned into a hub of arts and culture, with tons of high-profile events and festivals.

42. Because there are museums aplenty. / Creative Commons

Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are the most well-known museums but you can go for something a little different at the Sex Museum or check out the Royal Institute for the Tropics, to learn more about tropical areas around the world.

45. Because of "gezelligheid".

Flickr: senorhans / Creative Commons

"Gezelligheid" is a Dutch word that's tricky to translate into English because there's no literal translation but it perfectly encompasses Dutch culture. Closest translations are "cozy" and "welcoming", often referring to a warm atmosphere.

So imagine you're sitting on a terrace, enjoying some wine, chatting with your friends and feeling totally at ease with the world - that's gezelligheid, and that's what Amsterdam is all about.