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    31 Things That Enrage Front Of House Theatre Staff

    I saw you take that photo!

    1. If you work front of house at a theatre, your shifts are dictated by the time of the show, which means you work different hours to most people.


    2. This is especially annoying if you live with people who DO work normal hours.

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    When they get home and relax and unwind from the day, you have to leave the house and muster the energy and willpower to tackle a full shift.

    3. Not to mention most front of house theatre staff work weekends, which sucks big time :/

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    Saturday matinees are the worst, there's small children and old people, the worst combination.

    4. Front of house uniforms are never very comfortable or stylish.

    @KamrynMcCabe16 nope I'm just at the theatre in my uniform to visit

    Anna Nicøle Smith@AnnaNSmith17Follow

    @KamrynMcCabe16 nope I'm just at the theatre in my uniform to visit

    11:32 PM - 27 Sep 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    5. Most ushers have to wear a name badge, meaning people think it's okay to say your name over and over again.


    6. Some theaters require their staff to wear a little radio piece, it's always a scramble trying to find the least gross/broken one before anyone else.

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    7. The bane of any usher's life is getting people to NOT take photos.

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    8. You tell them off, walk away, and literally 2 seconds later they’re snapping again.

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    9. Then there's those people who film the whole thing, when you ask them to delete the footage at the end of the show, they act like you've just slapped them in the face.

    Seriously, what you're doing is illegal, delete that footage.

    10. If you're working on a musical, you get patrons who are so excited, they get up and dance mid-show.

    11. Drunk patrons aren't fun either. When you're talking to them it's pretty much like you're talking to a toddler.

    12. Then there’s the never-ending drama of latecomers.


    13. They don't understand that they can't just waltz in and take their seat.


    I don't care that you stubbed your toe and missed the train, we can't stop the show for you.

    14. If the show has a latecomer's call you can take them in then, BUT it's super awkward when you bring them to their seats only to see someone else has decided to sit there.

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    Why do people do this? It's dark, there's a show on, there's enough drama already!

    15. There are also countless dummies who INSIST on just nipping to the loo at the three minute call, WHHHYYYY.


    16. It's also really pointless when people have a go at you for how expensive the programmes/ice creams/drinks are.

    At least the ice cream is gluten free @ Milton Keynes Theatre! #MatthewBourne #SleepingBeauty


    At least the ice cream is gluten free @ Milton Keynes Theatre! #MatthewBourne #SleepingBeauty

    8:47 PM - 29 Jan 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Who do you think I am? I don't decide these things!

    17. Or they tell you the balcony is far too high up.

    In the balcony section at the theatre. Very high up!!


    In the balcony section at the theatre. Very high up!!

    7:09 PM - 06 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Right okay, I'll just change the entire theatre for you, BRB.

    18. Then there are those who balance their drink/coats/children right on the railing.

    19. Just like the photos, you tell them off and BOOM three seconds later they're doing it again.

    20. It's also super annoying when the star actor is off sick and people unleash their bitter disappointment on you.


    21. Holding up programmes for ages requires some pretty intense upper body strength.

    When your arm starts to sag is usually the exact point your manager appears and has a go at you.

    22. Same goes for carrying these wretched ice cream trays.

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    Especially when you have to sell them in the balcony, good luck going up the stairs.

    23. Anyone who’s fallen carrying a tray of ice creams knows how painful it is.


    24. And if you're the person filling the trays up when they're sold out, you have to somehow try and get through all the people crowding the corridors.

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    25. Ripping tickets is a true skill all front of house staff must master.

    26. But then some very unhelpful people just hand you the tickets in one big stack, unaligned and all muddled up.


    27. Ushers know they'll have to pick up rubbish at the end of the shift but WHY do people insist on treating the theatre's floor like a landfill.

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    The worst is when they spill a bag of Doritos and hundreds of people stomp over it.

    28. Because you often work in the evenings during dinner time, you pretty much live off of meal deals.

    29. By the time your shift is done it's usually too late to go meet your non-work friends, which means all your friends become fellow theatre peeps.


    It can all get a bit much sometimes.

    30. Then again, you're going to need each other to pass the time during uneventful shifts.

    31. And watching the same show over and over again isn't fun, no matter how amazing the show is.

    Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

    So hang in there ushers, we know it's hard work and it can make you go a little crazy, but we feel your pain!


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