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    28 Faces Every Student Will Immediately Recognise

    Student life is hard.

    1. The "I Just Realised How Much Work I Have To Do" Face:

    "@ProblemsAtUni: My face after realizing how much work I need to do... #UniProblems " looks like Moyes

    2. The "Trying To Start My Essay" Face:

    Me trying to do this essay. #uniproblems

    3. The "I'm Spending More Time On The Bibliography Than The Rest Of The Essay" Face:

    This: <img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src="">

    4. The "This Journal Article Is Perfect But I Don't Have Access" Face:

    when you find the perfect journal article for your work but you can't access it #uniproblems

    5. The "My Laptop Just Crashed" Face.

    When your laptop crashes while you're writing an essay @ColIegeStudent #UniProbs

    6. The "Shit I Just Opened My Exam Paper And I Don't Even Understand The First Question" Face:

    Opening a paper and not even understanding the first question, so you look around like #uniproblems

    7. The "I've Got So Much To Do So I'm Just Going To Sit Here And Eat Crab Sticks" Face:

    Got so so so much work to do however all I'm managing to do is eat a truck load of crab sticks #uniproblems

    8. The "I Just Woke Up Like This" Face:

    When you wake up early in the morning and sit on your bed like...#StudentProblems #MorningThoughts

    9. The "I'm Trying To Make It Into Lectures But I'm Dying" Face:

    Trying to make it to lectures in the morning like #uniproblems

    10. The "I Just Finished My Assignment Now I Must Go Forth And Hand It In" Face:

    Going out this morning in the crazy wind to hand in my assignment. #Withalltheforceofagreattyphoon #UniProblems

    11. The "I'm So Behind But Everyone's Showing Me Their Finished Work" Face:

    Me when I'm really behind and everyone's showing me their amazing (finished) work #studentproblems #deadlines

    12. The "Housemate Keeps Bragging About Their Great Marks" Face:

    Listening to people brag about how great their Uni marks are and then you get home and feel like this. #uniproblems

    13. The "Trying To decide If I Can Go Out" Face:

    14. The "I Just Found A Few Coins In My Pocket So Now I'm Basically Rich" Face:

    That moment when you realize that finding a few quarters makes you feel like this #uniprobs

    15. The "Just Done 5 Minutes Of Revision" Face:

    "@ProblemsAtUni: After 5 minutes of revision #uniproblems " @duckduckella this will be us today....

    16. The "3 Hours Of Revision" Face:

    17. The "Just Realised It's Only Tuesday" Face:

    18. The "Why Is Life So Hard" Face:

    19. The "Coursemate Is Asking Me About My Assignment" Face:

    "How are your assignments coming along?" #studentproblems #unilife

    20. The "My Friend Thinks I Should Read Gone Girl" Face:

    I have no time for recreational reading until June. #GilmoreGirls #StudentProblems

    21. The "Shit My Student Diet Isn't Doing Wonders For My Figure" Face:

    First year spread doesn't waste any time! #firstyearproblems

    22. The "Someone Just Messed Up The Section I Was Shelf-reading" Face:

    When you leave the section you just shelf-read and someone goes and messes it up and you're like... #libraryproblems

    23. The "Trying To Stay Awake So I Can Study" Face:

    Trying to stay awake so I can study #collegeproblems

    24. The "Mum Just Suggested I Go To Bed Earlier" Face:

    "maybe if you went to bed earlier, you wouldn't be so tired"

    25. The "I Just Dropped My Phone And Now My Screen Is Cracked" Face:

    When you drop you phone and realise that the screen is cracked

    26. The "My Housemate Took A Photo Of Me But I Wasn't Quite Ready" Face:

    How you look when someone takes a pic you weren't ready for..

    27. The "I Should Be Studying But People Are Fighting On My Timeline" Face:

    When you're supposed to be studying but the timeline is popping

    28. The "My Housemate Just Took The Last Biscuit" Face:

    When you offer someone the last biscuit and they actually take it