26 Important Things Only A Big Sister Can Teach You

    Older sisters are beyond wise.

    1. How to sing into your hairbrush like a pop diva.

    2. And if you put your talents together you become actual superstars.

    3. Big sisters teach you how to break the rules.

    4. How to be competitive without being a total bitch.

    5. You also learn that copying each other is how sisters express their respect.

    6. Your sister was the first to wear heels.

    7. And the first to hit puberty.

    8. Big sisters teach you how to deal with your parent's awkward questions.

    9. And how to shut them down.

    10. She teaches you that privacy doesn't really exist.

    11. If an item of yours is lost it's actually crumpled in a corner gracing a massive stain.

    12. It takes stalking her Instagram to find this out.

    13. You also learn that being different to your sister is a good thing - it's what makes you so close.

    14. And that at the end of the day, teamwork is important.

    15. It makes boring family reunions a lot more bearable.

    16. And besides, getting drunk with your family is actually kinda fun.

    17. Having a big sister means there's no need to fear the older kids.

    18. She'll show you that it's better to be your own person than follow a crowd.

    19. And that with age you'll gain her confidence and sass.

    20. Same with her tough skin.

    21. Because rejection isn't the worse thing in the world.

    22. Your sister's heartbreak is tough to watch.

    23. Her thoughts on relationships seem to change by the day.

    24. Leading you to conclude that this song is the actual truth.

    25. But she also makes you realise that there's no need to keep everything to yourself all the time.

    26. And that it doesn't matter if you fall - as long as you get up again.

    Sisters are rather awesome aren't they?