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23 Signs Sarcasm Is Your Superpower

Being sarcastic protects you against stupid people.

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1. You might have a shy personality, but your sarcasm gives you secret inner confidence.


2. In fact, sarcasm is part of your DNA.

3. It protects you from stupid people.

4. And people who are way too cheerful and excited about life, because let’s face it, they are the worst.

5. You slay the “bad guys” with your sharp wit.

DC Comics / Via BuzzFeed

6. And your sarcasm allows you to avoid awkward situations, like small talk with people on public transport.

7. You even commend yourself on how good you are at coming up with a zinger in such a short amount of time.

8. You don’t need a superhero mask when your powerful go-to face is this.

9. Your eyes can send shivers down the spines of your enemies.

Castle Rock Entertainment

With one eye roll they are ~dead~.

10. Your eyebrows are always arched and ready for battle.

11. Even in text form your sarcastic powers are unbeatable.

12. You don’t need a web coming out of your wrists or a fancy cave filled with gadgets, the slow clap is your ultimate weapon.


13. You save your friends from awkward situations by saying something that makes the room go silent.


14. Or you make it a thousand times MORE awkward, but that’s still a triumph for you.

15. You even know how to use obscure emojis to further your powers of sarcasm.

When mother gets sarcastic, the camel emoji comes out.... 🙈

Suzanne Peterson@suzanne430Follow

When mother gets sarcastic, the camel emoji comes out....

10:30 PM - 03 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

16. You enjoy typing out comments like this on people’s Facebook statuses.

You don't always hit "enter" though.

17. And the best part of your superpowers, you just crack yourself up.

Warner Bros.

It's the best form of entertainment.

18. You’re not an overly romantic type, so you use your sarcasm to ward off any advances.

Ouch, is that like a sarcastic thumb? Is that like the 'k' of Facebook messenger?


Ouch, is that like a sarcastic thumb? Is that like the 'k' of Facebook messenger?

2:45 AM - 09 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

19. And when you do drop the sarcasm armour for a moment, people are very touched because they know you’re being genuine.


20. When you have to keep your sarcasm in because you’re in a meeting or with the in-laws, it literally feels like you’re going to explode.

21. Of course with great sarcasm comes great responsibility.


22. And some people will try and take those powers away from you.

Warner Bros.

Voldemort, could your nose BE any smaller?

23. But, when you find a fellow sarcastic person, the combined power is pretty incredible.


You guys will take over the world.