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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    23 Pictures Of Cats That Will Destroy Your Faith In Cat Education

    Seriously cats, what are they teaching you there?

    1. This cat has totally forgotten how doors work.

    2. This cat fought the bag and the bag won.

    3. This cat is possibly the worst hide and seek player EVER.

    4. Or maybe it's this dude.

    You know this cat is thinking,what a dumbass.I can see you.

    5. This cat thought he was too cool to pay attention to signs.

    6. Potty training didn't really sink in with this poor chap.

    7. This little guy has an irrational fear of bananas.


    8. This cat had his clothes and backpack on but last minute thought: "Fuck it. No school for me."

    9. Same with this little kitten, who spent his day off sleeping in a vase.

    10. This fluffball regrets 97% of her life choices.

    11. This cat never learnt how to play nice.

    12. This cat ditched school to become a beauty queen.

    13. And her BFF decided to take up pole dancing instead of completing her biology homework.

    14. This cat couldn't wait for school photo day but turned up a week early.

    15. This cat woke up one day and forgot he didn't have hands.

    16. You'd think this cat has her life together until you see her drinking water.

    17. This cat refuses to drink from an appropriate bowl.

    18. This dude has no idea how glasses work.

    @KalindTurner @voisard_b1 my cat trying to drink my smoothie from the bottom. haha dumb cat

    19. This cat only practices "sharing is caring" when it's someone else's food that's being shared.

    20. This cat really wants his parents to think he's working on his Geography project when really...

    21. These cats never learnt to settle their differences in a mature manner.

    22. This cat wanted to show off his jumping skills but now he's too scared to come back down.

    23. And finally, this silly cat thought it would be great to take a little shortcut and then he got stuck.

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