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22 Things No One Tells You About Life After A Break-Up

Everything's just a bit "meh".

1. Life after a break-up looks less like this...

...and more like this.

2. The last thing you need is for your ex's stuff to keep popping up around your place.

3. You spend a lot of time fantasising about bumping into your ex.

You start to build up several scenarios. For instance, you're walking home from the BAFTAs (of course), and you've just won like, 10 awards and they're in your hands, and you bump into your ex all casual, like, "Yeah these are my awards, no big deal," and saunter off into the moonlight.

4. You start to relate to weepy Instagrams.

5. While mourning your relationship you need a melancholic soundtrack to go with it.

6. In fact, music will be there every step of the way.

7. You find that the more you talk to people about it the better.

8. Anyone who blogs about their break-up experiences becomes your new BFF.

9. If you’re creative, your art will flourish in this period.

10. But stay away from social media – it's your worst enemy.

11. Sadness eventually gives way to anger.

12. And then you get to the "screw it" phase.

Time to kick yourself out of bed and just get on with life. Enough is enough.

13. When your mutual friends tell you something stupid your ex has done recently you feel a bit like:

14. Now you're ready to tackle the world again, it's good to throw yourself into new experiences.

15. Even though at first it feels like you’re doing it just to prove a point.

16. Dating after a break-up is tricky.

17. Be careful not to stall it for too long.

18. Throughout the whole experience, one thing becomes very clear: Friends are everything.

19. And time actually does heal wounds.

20. If you bump into your ex, it won’t be like any of those scenarios you imagined.

21. Now that you’re in a much better place they might even try to get you back.


22. And one day, when you're least expecting it, you'll wake up and realise you are totally and completely fine.