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18 Foods All British People Miss When They're Abroad

Travelling is fun until you start craving Yorkshire puddings.

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We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us which British foods they miss most when they're abroad. Here are the results!

1. Monster Munch

It's the flavour, the packaging, and the smell that lingers on your fingertips long after eating. <3

Karl Pilkington agrees.

(Monster Munch) Not only are they sort of tasty, but just having a little monster to look at when you&#x27;re fed up.

Karl Pilkington@KPilkingtonQFollow

(Monster Munch) Not only are they sort of tasty, but just having a little monster to look at when you're fed up.

7:27 PM - 25 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. British bread

Ninety per cent of British meals can be eaten on toast, which means we take our bread very seriously. However, when you're travelling it can be hard to find a loaf that tastes like home. Foreign bread can be too processed and sweet, or just falls apart too easily – so pass the Hovis!

3. Clotted cream

Good clotted cream tastes fresh, buttery, and rich in flavour, and without it scones would be obsolete.

And no, whipped cream is nowhere near as good.

4. Branston pickle

We need our cheese sarnies with a good dollop of Branston.

See how happy it makes people!

5. Cadbury's chocolate

British chocolate is far superior to any other chocolate but especially American chocolate, which is too sweet, chalky, and, let's be honest, barely passes as chocolate.

Besides, without chocolate fingers how are we supposed to drink tea?

And how could we possibly celebrate Easter without Creme Eggs?

7. Marmite

Love it or hate it, you sure end up missing it! There are two versions of Marmite, a British version and a New Zealand version, and they are most definitely not the same. In fact, New Zealand Marmite is said to have a “less tangy” flavour than the British variety. Ours is just better.

For more more interesting Marmite facts go here.

9. British bacon

It's an ongoing debate between the UK and the US: Who has better bacon? American bacon is streaky and pretty much burnt to a crisp, whereas British bacon is juicy and smothered in layers and layers of fat and oh my god it's just the best.

This is how seriously we take our Victoria sponge:

12. Sausages and beans

It's a classic combination, and one you end up missing dearly.

Although some people take their Yorkshire pudding love a little too far...

Official: proof that the concepts &#x27;sexy&#x27; and &#x27;Yorkshire puddings&#x27; should never be combined

Robert Colvile@rcolvileFollow

Official: proof that the concepts 'sexy' and 'Yorkshire puddings' should never be combined

7:46 AM - 06 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

14. Custard creams

The best tea-dunking biscuits.

17. Fish 'n' chips

Fish 'n' chips are pretty much part of our DNA. The dish even played a part in the D-day landings, when British soldiers identified each other by crying out out "fish" and waiting for the response of "chips". History and amazing food all wrapped up in one!

18. And lastly: Greggs

Pasties, sausage rolls, steak bakes, pies – it's basically heaven.

Nicole Scherzinger recently moved to London and has already discovered the magic of Greggs!

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