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18 Foods All British People Miss When They're Abroad

Travelling is fun until you start craving Yorkshire puddings.

We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us which British foods they miss most when they're abroad. Here are the results!

1. Monster Munch

Karl Pilkington agrees.

(Monster Munch) Not only are they sort of tasty, but just having a little monster to look at when you're fed up.

2. British bread

3. Clotted cream

And no, whipped cream is nowhere near as good.

4. Branston pickle

See how happy it makes people!

5. Cadbury's chocolate

Besides, without chocolate fingers how are we supposed to drink tea?

And how could we possibly celebrate Easter without Creme Eggs?

6. Crumpets

7. Marmite

8. Indian takeaway

9. British bacon

10. Red Leicester

11. Victoria sponge

This is how seriously we take our Victoria sponge:

12. Sausages and beans

13. Yorkshire puddings

Although some people take their Yorkshire pudding love a little too far...

Official: proof that the concepts 'sexy' and 'Yorkshire puddings' should never be combined

14. Custard creams

15. HP sauce

16. Irn-Bru

17. Fish 'n' chips

18. And lastly: Greggs

Nicole Scherzinger recently moved to London and has already discovered the magic of Greggs!