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17 Amazing Apps For People Recovering From An Eating Disorder

From recovery apps to meditation and stress management tools.

1. Rise Up + Recover

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help you monitor your diet and exercise and determine what your triggers are. The app is easy to use, with lots of motivational quotes to keep you going and you can set yourself helpful reminders.

2. Recovery Record

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: Recovery Record helps you chart your progress and check in with your mood throughout the recovery process. The food logging system is easy and discrete and you can connect the app to your dietician which is pretty handy.

3. recoveryBox

What it costs: £1.49 (iOS)

What it offers: This app fits many types of recovery including recovery from eating disorders. It supplies you with simple on-the-go tools to break down your daily tasks, celebrate everyday victories (or "lights" as they call them) and track your triggers.

4. Jourvie

What it costs: Free (only for Android at the moment, but it's expected to be availaible on iOS soon)

What it offers: This app lets you keep track of a food diary, your coping strategies and printable archives that will allow you to bring diary excerpts into therapy sessions. The app is less about what you eat, and more how you feel about your food.

5. Eating D

What it costs: £0.66 (Android only)

What it offers: This app helps you code thoughts surrounding your eating disorder so you can get to grips with how often they occur. It also uses cognitive behavioral techniques to challenge your food worries with useful tips on how to manage stress and anxiety surrounding your diet.

Positive Body Image for Women : A Hypnosis Guide
Positive Body Image for Women : A Hypnosis Guide

What it costs: Free initially, but you have to purchase additional tracks to continue the series (iOS)

What it offers: This is essentially a hypnosis app so don't listen to this as you're driving or operating heavy machinery. The tracks are written by trained therapists and focus on self image and acceptance and there are daily "boosters" to give you a quick fix of body-positivity.

7. Booster Buddy

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app is aimed at children and teens wanting to improve their general mental health through daily quests and tasks. It allows you to check in with your mood and and keep track of your appointments and medication. It's not specifically for eating disorders, but it's a great way track and improve your coping skills and self-care.

8. Gratitude Journal!/id299604556?mt=8!/id299604556?mt=8

What it costs: £2.29 (iOS & currently in development for Android)

What it offers: Throughout your recovery there's a lot to track and write down, but this app makes it easy to remember the positive things about your day. It makes journaling your best moments really simple and easy to look back on if you're in need of a pick-me-up.

9. MindShift

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app is more for general anxiety than eating disorder recovery but it's great if your worries and fears prevent you from doing things day-to-day. Through coping strategies this app helps you face challenges head on rather than put things off.

10. Before I eat

What it costs: £0.79 (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app aims to help you manage your urges, cravings and compulsive thoughts as they occur. You'll also be able to set and track goals and achievements and access countdown timers and motivational quotes to help you get through a rough patch.

11. 7 Cups of Tea

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app connects you with trained listeners who can offer you short-term support and counseling when you're in need of a listening ear. It's useful if you're feeling stressed or anxious and you need someone's undivided attention.

12. Guided Mind

What it costs: Free but you have to pay for each meditation track (iOS)

What it offers: If you're having trouble sleeping or you're feeling panicky this app offers a wide selection of meditation tracks to help calm your thoughts.

13. Happier

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: The app aims to be a digital happiness coach, giving you the tools to stay in the moment and think positively. You can voice record positive moments and access 10-second pause tasks so you don't forget to take a breather.

14. Glow

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app helps you keep your body in check with its menstrual and ovulation calculator. It also allows you to record your moods, symptoms and any medication you're taking.

15. Happify

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app uses activities and games to train your brain to worry less and embrace positive thinking. Through goals and fun tasks you can learn how to disrupt negative thoughts and manage your stress.

16. Acupressure: Heal Yourself

What it costs: £1.99 (iOS & Android)

What it offers: This app is a beginner’s guide to acupressure, which may help you manage urges and negative thoughts. The app has tons of illustrated guides and over 90 acupressure combinations to target specific problems.

17. Lifesum

What it costs: Free (iOS & Android)

What it offers: Lifesum helps you to develop healthy eating habits, however there is still a weight loss element so this isn't recommended for people in the early stages of recovery.

Always consult with your doctor about your personal health and wellness. BuzzFeed posts are for informational purposes only and are no substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. Whilst these apps may help you, they won't be suitable for everyone. Make sure you check in with your GP to find the appropriate recovery practice for you.

More information on eating disorders here:

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If you're in the UK you can call their helpline on 0345 634 1414 and find online support groups here.

National Eating Disorders Association

If you're in the U.S. you can reach their hotline at (800) 931-2237 or chat here.