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6 Reasons Why We Need Journalism Now More Than Ever

Journalism may have failed us this year, but now it's under attack, and we need it more than ever.

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Because we fucked up.

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And we can't blame this on the electoral college. We fucked up, big league. It all started when Trump descended that escalator with his wife. The media ate it up. News became entertainment and a platform for advertising. And because we considered this entertainment, Trump quickly took up the larger part of the time on 24-hour news stations. More than any other republican candidate in the 2016 election.

Because misinformation is rampant.

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Buzzfeed reported that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't believe fake news influenced the election. While he could be right, fake news is on the rise. And although most people get their news from the television, 38% of Americans get their news from online (social media and apps). Even Google News linked to a fake news outlet. It's become harder and harder to fact-check in the age of social media. People have become lazy about their news. And extremist news sites exist on both the right and left. When people read these articles, they trust their journalists to be telling the truth.

Because we didn't talk to the people of the USA.

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Except for a few pieces, we weren't discussing the election with Trump's demographic. And I don't mean the Never Hillary people. I'm talking about the people in America who felt disaffected by the Obama administration. People who really felt that Obama's promise of change was not the change they had bargained for. People who flipped the blue states.

Because we only plugged into outlets that confirmed our beliefs.


It has become easier and easier to customize your news so you don't have to hear the other side. Each side has their television station, we all subscribe to blogs, newspapers, and news magazines that tell us what we want to hear. Instead of seeking a balanced news cycle, we opted for something else.

Because we thought we could predict the future based on assumptions.


We assumed because Hilary was up in the polls that she was a shoo-in. We also assumed that the minority vote would turn out for Clinton. We constantly put down the Trump demographic with many assumptions about education level and political beliefs. We made a lot of assumptions during this election cycle. The truth is, whether it was a "silent majority," disenfranchised would-be voters, or undecideds, no one can predict the future. Not even Nate Silvers.

Because we know we fucked up.


There are plenty of journalists out there ready to start telling these stories during a time when journalism is under attack by the president-elect. Despite Trump's claims of libel for anyone who reports negative news about him, despite his tactics to prevent journalists from covering him, journalism will find a way. Free speech is here to stay.

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