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    Posted on Jun 4, 2014

    How To Create Rustic Farmhouse Decor At Your Home?

    Farmhouse decor is very English, very basic and natural. Full of rustic furniture, bare wood, cast iron finishes and cosy fabrics. Recreate that style in any room of your house with these basic tips!

    Cast Iron Handles, Bins, Hooks, anything!

    Nothing brings more 'Farmhouse' chic to the room, than cast iron finishes, from door handles, drawer knobs, pan holders and hooks, it's essentially as countryside as it gets!

    Rustic Wood Shelving and Furniture

    As much as I love painted furniture, I think it's impractical in the long run, natural wood will age beautifully and it will look better and better with the years to come. Paint unfortunately chips off, even from the premium pieces! So stick to the natural rustic wood when buying the storage boxes, shelving, flooring, kitchen cabinets and furniture, it pays off!

    Farmhouse Inspired Art

    From farm animal pictures in rustic wooden frames, to dry flowers arrangements, natural twine and flower pot decor, it all creates this warm understated look. I love decorating flower pots with twine, I simply wrap the twine few times around the upper edge for an instant rustic touch, it makes most amazing difference.

    Growing Your own Herbs

    Yes, having few pots with your own herbs does add to the whole natural, handmade, self-sufficient vibe of the farmhouse, even if it is just these herbs you use for cooking!

    Candles, Candles, Candles!

    Candle light creates most magical atmosphere in the evening, little twinkling lights make all look more special and cosy. Try finding special cast iron or metal candle holders for even more dramatic look!

    Quirky Cosy Cushions

    I'm a great fan of cushions, and a firm believer they can transform the room completely without having to spend loads of money for a full re-decoration. Try adding pale blue cushions in the summer and orange, brown and black cushions in the winter to see how much they affect the look of the room and the way you feel! For the farmhouse decor, I would go for rich in pattern cushions in quirky design, like these vintage owl ones!

    Rustic Bamboo Furniture and Decor

    Bamboo, rattan, rustic wood, all these materials have got natural farmhouse feel you want to re-create at home. From solid oak coffee table, pleated rattan vintage chair, wicker laundry baskets and bins, it all adds up and make your home very cosy, close to nature, eco-friendly and sustainable!

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