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10 Of Television's Most Perfect Couples

In no particular coupley order.

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Seth & Summer, The OC

Barney & Robin, How I Met Your Mother

Jess & Rory, Gilmore Girls

Still wishing they ended up together.

Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

Two wrong-doers make a right.

Don & Betty Draper, Mad Men

highly dysfunctional but perfection nonetheless.

Ben & Leslie, Parks and Recreation

funny and precious, Leslie for President of the United States! (Ben will make an excellent first gentleman)

Steve & Fiona, Shameless


Jim & Pam, The Office

Office romance done right.

Chandler & Monica, Friends

Girl next door, best friends, secret lovers at one point...they had it all.

Cory & Topanga, Boy Meets World

Their comeback cannot come soon enough.

Do you have a favorite television couple? Feel free to share below!

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