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    I Ranked All One Direction And Solo Albums So You Don't Have To

    That's what makes you beautiful!!

    16. LP1, Liam Payne (2019)

    liam payne looks over his shoulder at us, brows slightly furrowed, mouth slightly open

    15. Nobody Is Listening, Zayn (2021)

    album cover for "nobody is listening" which is a sea of drawn faces with whited out eyes

    14. Flicker, Niall Horan (2017)

    album cover for "flicker," a close-up of his face which is relaxed

    13. Up All Night, One Direction (2011)

    album cover for "Up All Night" which is all 5 boys smiling

    12. Icarus Falls, Zayn (2018)

    cover for "Icarus Falls" which is a robotic set of angel wings

    11. Mind of Mine, Zayn (2016)

    cover for "Mind of Mine" which is a photo of young zayn with tattoos photoshopped onto his arms

    10. Walls, Louis Tomlinson (2020)

    cover for "walls" which is louis sitting in jeans and a zip up sweatshirt, hands in pockets, on a chair

    9. Midnight Memories, One Direction (2013)

    cover for "Midnight Memories" which is in black and white and all the boys are walking with their heads down

    8. Heartbreak Weather, Niall Horan (2020)

    cover for "Heartbreak Weather" which is him standing on a chair, wearing chinos and a button down short sleeved shirt

    7. Take Me Home, One Direction (2012)

    cover for "take me home" which is all of the boys climbing all over a telephone box

    6. Faith in the Future, Louis Tomlinson (2022)

    cover for "Faith in the Future" which is a close up of his face. he wears a turtleneck that zips all the way up to his chin

    5. Fine Line, Harry Styles (2019)

    album cover for fine line which is a glove-clad hand reaching toward harry styles who wears a v-neck long sleeved shirt and long pants

    4. Four, One Direction (2014)

    cover for "Four" which is two split images of the boys in black and white, all smiling in both

    3. Harry's House, Harry Styles (2022)

    album cover for "Harry's House" where he wears a peasant top and jeans, stands upside down in a living room

    2. Made in the A.M., One Direction (2015)

    cover for "Made in the A.M." which is all the boys sitting on a leather couch

    1. Harry Styles, Harry Styles (2017)