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Egyptians Are Asking Their Government "Does This Camera Phone Scare You?"

The series of cell phone-wielding selfies sprung up after a satirical comedy group was arrested and charged with mocking the president.

Hayes Brown 3 years ago

These Comedians Were Arrested Over Their Facebook Videos Mocking The Egyptian President

The young satirists, all between the ages of 19 and 21, were charged with inciting protests and insulting the country.

Anup Kaphle 3 years ago

Lawyer Representing Chattanooga Shooter's Family In Jordan Says They Have No Ties To Islamist Movements

A lawyer representing Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's family in Amman told BuzzFeed News that his uncle had been held for five days without access to a lawyer.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

ISIS-Affiliated Group Claims Attack On First Naval Target Off Egypt's Coast

The ISIS-affiliated group Sinai Peninsula posted photos online Thursday showing an Egyptian navy vessel on fire.

Maged Atef 4 years ago

That Wikileaks Dump Of Saudi Cables Included Private Medical Information

It details treatment in Saudi hospitals of everything from "kidney trouble" to "depression."

Joseph Bernstein 4 years ago

With Mass Trials, Egyptian Judges Become Targets For Assassination

The collective death and jail sentences handed out by the judiciary has made the judges involved in the decisions key adversaries.

Maged Atef 4 years ago

An Egyptian Reporter Brought Her Son To Work And Everyone Has An Opinion About It

Egyptian journalist Lamia Hamdin says she is "shocked" by the reaction to the photo of her.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

Video Shows Young Egyptian In Libya Becoming A Suicide Bomber

The new video is the first time an Egyptian national has been seen carrying out a suicide bombing for a jihadi group in Libya.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

Egyptian And Libyan Militaries Coordinating Airstrikes On ISIS

Egypt's military said the strikes targeted ISIS training camps and weapons storage sites. The airstrikes came in retaliation to a video showing the group beheading Egyptian Coptic Christians.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

Despite Ongoing Egyptian Military Campaign In Sinai, Militant Groups Gaining Ground

At least 45 people were killed Thursday in the deadliest attack in the Sinai Peninsula to-date.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

Men Accused Of "Debauchery" And "Spreading AIDS" In Crackdown Against Egypt's LGBT Community

Twenty-six men arrested at a bathhouse have gone on trial in Cairo.

Sheera Frenkel 4 years ago

25-Year-Old Trans Woman Is Latest Target Of Egyptian LGBT Crackdown

The arrest of the 25-year-old trans woman is the latest in a crackdown on LGBT rights in Egypt that has landed more than 100 people behind bars. Her friend tells BuzzFeed News she fears she may be next.

J. Lester Feder 4 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Egypt Begins Surveillance Of Facebook, Twitter, And Skype On Unprecedented Scale

"We are looking at any conversation, any interaction, we might find worrying or would want to keep a closer eye on." Sheera Frenkel reports from Jerusalem and Maged Atef from Cairo for BuzzFeed News.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

Egypt's Compliance Makes Israel's Offensive In Gaza Possible

"It's not our business what happens in Gaza. For the last four years they have done nothing but cause us trouble."

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

Al Jazeera Is Shutting Down Its Offices In Egypt And Firing Its Staff

Exclusive: Al Jazeera notified dozens of employees Wednesday that it was ending their contracts. The Qatar-based network has not been operating in Egypt since December 2013, but has kept offices in the country.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

Egyptians Arrested And Harassed At Rally Against Sexual Harassment

A rally against sexual harassment ended with police arresting two members of anti-harassment group or unlawful protest, and two men arrested for harassing women at the protest. Egyptian women spoke to BuzzFeed about what they think should be done to protect them.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

At Least Five Women Raped In Egypt Last Night, Because "Boys Were Having A Good Time"

Reports of assaults and harassment met with mocking laughter from one TV news anchor.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

Egypt To Step Up Arrests Based On Evidence From Facebook, Twitter

Tweets, retweets, and Facebook posts are among online activity that the Egyptian government is now openly monitoring.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

Sisi Wins Egyptian Election But No One Trust The Numbers

"This is Egypt, whoever wins the presidency makes up the numbers."

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago

“Nobody Under 30 Really Cares About The Egyptian Elections”

Voting booths across Egypt remain quiet, as apathy sets in.

Sheera Frenkel 5 years ago