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    • Magdelina

      I think it’s funny how many people criticize YA based movies directed at girls/women as being continual flops, when there are the same, if not more action movies for guys being churned out in mass batches that are worse (Reddick anyone? Twilight had more plot and better lines than that).  I’m not sure I believe the claim that $60 million was used on marketing because there was little to none that I saw. Most people I know learned about the movie either by being huge fans of the books or by word of mouth.  I will agree there were cheesy lines that could have done much better, and questionable music choices, but hey, maybe that’s just a learning curve. No movie is perfect (even with the Hunger Games, fans freaked over every change for the movie) but I didn’t feel that City of Bones was that bad. (Also, may I suggest actually doing your research before writing an article for the whole world to see? All this assuming is not very professional.)

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