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Life Altering Keyboard Shortcuts

The heavens have opened and bestowed their wisdom upon you. Get ready to straight OWN your keyboard

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You are about to be SO SUPER efficient!

You may never need a mouse again... these shortcuts are gonna change your life so get ready. Try to stay humble though because you're about to be pretty cool.

Take Ctrl+A of your life

Tired of waiting around for what seems like a lifetime to highlight an entire page of text? Stop waiting for Mr. Right and take Ctrl (or Command if you're a Mac user) of the situation and highlight EVERYTHING (that's on your active page/window) with this swift click.

Ctrl+A (PC) & Command+A (Mac)

C is for Creepy. And Copy!

What's better than 1 creepy little girl ghost? TWO!

Copy your highlighted item with fancy move and Voila - Copied!

Ctrl+C (PC) & Command+C (Mac)

.... and Paste It... again and again and again and again

And what could be better than 2 creepy little girl ghosts? An entire room full of them! Paste the town red! Or... just paste your item wherever you want it.Ctrl+V (PC) & Command+V (Mac)

And what could be better than 2 creepy little girl ghosts? An entire room full of them! Paste the town red! Or... just paste your item wherever you want it.

Ctrl+V (PC) & Command+V (Mac)

Cut. It. Out.

You want to get rid of something? Cut it on out? Maybe paste it somewhere later or just X it out all together?

Ctrl+X (PC) & Command+X (Mac)

Hey... there you are big guy

Looking for something? Don't feel like trolling through that billion page PDF to track down that one tidbit of information? Look no further! This handy shortcut will help you FIND just what you're looking for.

Ctrl+F (PC) & Command+F (Mac)

What goes up must come down

Who needs a scroll bar when you can pop right up to the top of a page as quick as you can fall on down to the bottom!

To scroll up: Ctrl+Home (PC) & Command+up arrow (Mac)

To scroll down: Ctrl+End (PC) & Command+down arrow (Mac)

Multi-task like no one is watching

You're a digital multi-tasking fool! Go from Chrome to Photoshop to iCal to iTunes to Dreamweaver. You CAN have it all and toggle between whatever programs you have open!

Alt+Tab (PC) & Command+Tab (Mac)

If you just want to toggle between your open browser tabs try this route:

Ctrl+Tab (PC) & Control+Tab (Mac)

I can't even look at you

Are you sick of what you see? Get the eff out of there and minimize that disgusting window.

Windows button+M (PC - will minimize all windows and show your desktop)
Command+M (Mac - will minimize your active window)

Take a picture it'll last longer

Or a screenshot! Grab a shot of whatever may be on your computer screen and save it forever and ever and ever.

PrtScn (PC - you'll need to paste the file into any image editing program and save file)
Command+Shift+3 (Mac - file will automatically save as a .png to your desktop)

A whole new TAB

You could manually open a new tab... or you could go on a magic shortcut ride and do it like this.

Ctrl+T (Pac) & Command+T (Mac)

It's time to RELOAD

THE PAGE! Or refresh it. Whatever floats your boat. Page not loading? Does it need some motivation? Try to reload it with nothing but your magical fingers.

F5 (PC) & Command+R (Mac)

Guess what else you can do with Backspace?

Yeah, you can delete. Go back-a-space, sure. But did you know you could also go back in time???? Interweb time that is. That one key will take you on a magical journey back in time to the last page you were on just like you were pressing the back button - but with shortcuts!

Backspace (PC) & Delete (Mac)

Too much?

If you're not quite ready to go all the way back in time - but still want to see what's there - you can just open up the last tab you last closed. Have the both of best worlds!

Ctrl+Shift+T (PC) & Command+Shift+T (Mac)

Two steps forward, two steps back

Need to take a step back? Didn't mean to delete that paragraph? Go ahead and undo that last move.

Ctrl+Z (PC) & Command+Z (Mac)

Or maybe you did mean that last move? You can redo your last operation too!

Ctrl+Y (PC) & Command+Y (Mac)

Open Sesame!

If voice commands don't work - try this shortcut to open a file.

Ctrl+O (PC) & Command+O (Mac)

Floppy what?

Why would you draaaaaag your mouse allllll the waaaaaay up to that floppy disk icon when you can just click Ctrl and S! That's right suckers, floppy disks are even more obsolete now! You can save everything you ever wanted to (so long as it's in the document you're working on) with this one move!

Ctrl+S (PC) & Command+S (Mac)

Close the front door

Orrrr... close that active window/file. No need to click that little x-box up top now.

Ctrl+W (PC) & Command+W (Mac)


Had enough? Ready to say eff the world (or.. ahem... the application) and quit? You can do that too!

Ctrl+Q (PC) & Command+Q (Mac)

And if you need to force that quit...

Ctrl+Alt+Delete (PC) & Command+Option+Escape (Mac)

And we're just getting started

There's probably a bajillion others we haven't covered here - but you're off to a pretty good start. Carry on folks and spread your new found seed of knowledge!

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