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What It's Like Watching "Friday Night Lights" For The First Time

Or the 127th. Clear eyes, full heart.

Friday Night Lights: The Beginning

After hearing another friend gush - you decide you're going to give it a shot.

You log into Netflix and do your best to get PUMPED!

You don't really even like Football

But you quickly notice there's potential...

Like this could really be something good

Things start to heat up

And before you know it - you're sold - this show IS good

Like really good

Even Grandma likes it

She likes Riggins too

Watching it just makes you happy

Like you wanna DANCE happy

You can't wait to thank those friends who first introduced you

And suddenly you're all into Football

You even have a team

And you know who wears which number

You can't look away - the show consumes you

You're spending more and more time on the couch with your new Boo

Friday Night Lights benders have become a regular thing in your household

It's all you want to talk about

But not everyone is quite as interested

And some begin to worry you're moving too fast

But 'clearly' they don't understand

You've found love and you're gonna run with it

If they don't want to be happy for you they can find another parade to rain on

And eventually with some tough love those haters finally give in

Of course they're very thankful to you

Told you so...

And You're Welcome

You're just happy you could spread the love

Pay it forward

Life is good

And then one day you wake up and you're on Season 5, Episode 13

The. Last. Episode.

You can't do this alone

How can it just be over?

Things were going so good?

But all good things must come to an end

It hurts...

Grandma's sad too

But man was it good while it lasted

And now it's time to say goodbye

It's going to be OK. You're going to be OK.

You're walking away with some great memories

And some pretty fantastic words of wisdom

Texas Forever