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    • maganb2

      By promoting Quinoa everywhere as it would be some “miracle grain”, somebody is making a huge business using gullible people to buy the cheapest grain brought from poor countries. This is driving prices of Quinoa up in countries where it is grown and used as their inexpensive food, making life harder for poor locals.  Please check on amount of protein in other vegetarian foods and it will open your eyes. There are MANY foods with much higher protein content: Quinoa has 14 g protein per 100 gr., while seitan has 75 gr, lentils 26 gr, peanut butter 25 gr, hemp seed 23 gr, black beans 21 gr, sunflower seeds 21 gr, oats 17 gr and eggs have 13 gr protein per 100 gr weight.
      Use your brain people !

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