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Ireland Celebrates First Anniversary Of Marriage Equality

Celebrations took place across the country to reflect on the milestone same-sex marriage referendum.

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There has also been a reported increase in the number of young Irish LGBT people coming out since the passing of the marriage equality referendum.

The Times

Half of respondents to a survey conducted by LGBT organisation BeLonG To said they personally know someone who has come out as LGBT since the referendum.

To commemorate the anniversary, Irish national broadcaster RTE aired "The Story Of Yes", a documentary about Ireland's journey to marriage equality.

People were emotional.

Ah here can someone come hold me please. #TheStoryOfYes

It's really difficult being hormonal & watching this. In floods already #TheStoryOfYes

A year on I'm already bawling. Thank you Ireland. #TheStoryOfYes #marrefmemories 🍀

The #HomeToVote-ers making me cry again. RTE #TheStoryOfYes

I'm 8 minutes into #TheStoryOfYes and I am absolutely sobbing

It was that beautiful couple honouring the memory of Declan Flynn on referendum day that pushed me over the edge there. #TheStoryOfYes #Sob

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