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21 Of The Slowest News Days Ever To Hit Britain

Some days very little happens. Via @SlowSlowNews.

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1. The day we gasped in awe at this stunning feat of nature.

Via @SlowSlowNews

2. The day we learned from this public service announcement about the role of the bacon butty in conflict resolution.

Trinity Mirror / Via @SlowSlowNews

3. The day we found out the war was actually bloody great.

Via @SlowSlowNews

4. Britain in the time of conflict.

South Wales Evening Post / Via @SlowSlowNews

5. The day we thought "will the fighting ever end?"

The Argus / Via @SlowSlowNews

6. The day this national state of emergency was called, and Britain flew into a blind panic.

The Independent / Via @SlowSlowNews

7. That day we read about this council's counselling strategy and rubbed our goatees while nodding in agreement.

The Argus / Via @SlowSlowNews

8. The day we heard about this chilling criminal case, and never felt the same again.

The Argus / Via @SlowSlowNews

9. That fateful day Farmfoods was faced with a close encounter.

Sunday Sport / Via @SlowSlowNews

10. The day the owl sacked off his job, and Britain waited with baited breath.

The Telegraph / Via @SlowSlowNews


11. The day the badgers were the housing problem.

Macclesfield Express / Via @SlowSlowNews

12. The day the nation breathed a collective sigh of relief as this notorious criminal got his comeuppance.

Via @SlowSlowNews

13. The day the nation's hero finally won.

Worcester News / Via @SlowSlowNews

14. The end of a national era.

ITV / Via @SlowSlowNews

15. The day the parrot was saved, and there were street parties nationwide.

Via @SlowSlowNews

16. The day everyone giggled at the image of a bed going up a ladder and imagined Ross from Friends choreographing the whole thing.

Whitby Gazette / Via @SlowSlowNews


17. The day the nation was appalled by this young man's manners.

Croydon Advertiser / Via @SlowSlowNews

18. The day the Isle of Man wondered who the invisible man was.

Isle of Man Examiner / Via @SlowSlowNews

19. That day the nation was moved by this man's shuffling plight.

Via @SlowSlowNews

20. The day Britain locked up their farm equipment.

Suffolk Gazette / Via @SlowSlowNews

21. That joyful day with The Slipper Error, when all was right in Britain once again.

Via @SlowSlowNews

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