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16 Things All Irish Abroad Know To Be True

Bringing the craic all the time is a tough job.

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1. If you have a traditional Irish name, it will be butchered by people the world over.

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Shoutout to all my Maeves, Niamhs, Róisíns, Tadhgs, Oisíns, Caoimhes, Gearóids, Gráinnes and Aoifes out there.

3. You feel your nights out abroad are incomplete without Riverdance coming on at the end of the night.

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Don't these people know the night is not over until legs are flailing everywhere and no one is moving their arms?

4. ...And there is no moment comparable to a DJ abroad unexpectedly playing a 90s Irish pop banger.

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5. People cannot help but try to mimic your accent.

i will never get over louis' adorable impersonation of nialls irish accent

You're ok with it, you know it's because they think it's great. Even if they're doing a terrible job.

7. If you're abroad to support Ireland for a sporting tournament, you know, win or lose, the Irish fans will support the hardest.

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Here we are, losing 4-0 to Spain in Euro 2012, in a roaring goodbye chorus of Fields of Athenry.

8. You're constantly having to explain your slang and phrases.


Apparently the meaning of "stall the ball, chicken, I'm ossified and need the jacks, they're like hen's teeth around here and I've been waiting donkey's" isn't immediately obvious to those from outside the Emerald Isle.

12. You will inevitably be asked to explain Ireland's entire history every St. Patrick's Day...

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Your life is basically just one really long episode of Drunk History, in which you just end up telling people to watch Michael Collins.

13. ... And you smile through gritted teeth when people don't realise Ireland is its' own country.

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You understand the Ireland/Northern Ireland thing is confusing, but internally scream "IT'S BEEN 100 YEARS PEOPLE, WARS WERE FOUGHT."

14. If you live abroad, you will spend every St. Patrick's Day listening to Irish music, traditional and new, and thinking about the old country.

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No, YOU'RE crying.

15. You've had more than your fair share of people abroad claiming to be "as Irish as you".

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If none of your living relatives have ever been to Ireland, you are not as Irish as me. Your great-great-great uncle thrice removed's stopover in Dublin does not count.

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