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The Most Obnoxious Bacon-Flavored Items Ever

I'm not speaking from a place of bacon prejudice here, but really. Bacon-flavored baby formula?

  • 1. Gummy Bacon

    Well, they are technically strawberry-flavored, but it's the thought that counts.

  • 2. Bacon Dental Floss

    For that extra sheen of greasy goodness some people lack in the morning.

  • 3. Bacon-Flavored Lollipops

  • 4. Bacon-Flavored Lip Balm

    I can't even account for this one.

  • 5. Baconnaise

    What would you put this on?

  • 6. Bacon-Flavored Soda

    This label makes it 10 times better.

  • 7. Bacon Ice Cream

    Under Delaware Peach? I can sense a sundae combination.

  • 8. And last but not least, Bacon-Flavored Baby Formula

    Seriously? Your baby already has a hankering for pork? That would be slightly alarming to me, at least.