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Cure Your Sweet Tooth: NYC'S Best Dessert Guide

I have always had a very strong sweet tooth, and throughout my childhood, my goal was to find a way to cure it. I have been successful in this, and wanted to share my very own New York City Dessert Guide to all the other dessert lovers.

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1. Saint Ambroeus

Located on the Upper East Side, this quaint coffee shop and dessert bar has the finest selection of all of your favorite Italian pastries. From gelato to jelly-filled cookies, your mouth will water as you step inside the cavernous café. Everything is baked on-site and they have a wide array of cakes, cookies, croissants, and more. There is also an amazing restaurant at the back of the cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorite dish would have to be their Ravioli di Prosciutto-- prosciutto-filled ravioli with rucola Salad, burrata and tomato confit-- it is truly unbelievable. My favorite dessert is their Flourless Chocolate Cake with Walnuts on the top. It is decadent and rich and absolutely delicious.

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

The home of the famous Chocolate-Chip Cookie Shot, the Dominique Ansel Bakery is known for its famous and innovative French pastries. This bake shop is a hidden gem on Spring Street that no foodie would want to miss. They are also the founders of the Cro-Nut, which is a combined Croissant and Doughnut, making one ultra-sweet treat. They have all of your favorite French Desserts: Macarons, Éclairs, Tall Fluted Cake, the Gâteau Battu and so much more.

3. Buttercup Bake Shop

The place where every cupcake is made with 100% buttercream icing! Cupcakes, pies, bars, cakes and even puddings, you name it, they have it. Their Lemon Meringue Pie is world-class and known for its tart flavor. My personal favorite is the Cookies n’ Cream Cupcake, which has an Oreo inside the yellow cake. There is no other cupcake like this-- it is definitely a must try for any New Yorker. Everything in this bakery is decorated to perfection, and their desserts match its presentation for the ultimate dessert experience.

4. Lady M Cake Boutique

A small intimate stark white minimalistic cafe with endless cakes... what more could you want? The Lady M brand’s goal was to create the freshest and finest handmade cakes. The first store opened on the Upper East Side, and now the brand is flourishing with multiple cities throughout the country and top restaurants serving their delectable desserts. They are known for their Mille Crepe Cake, which has twenty paper-thin handmade crepes layered with a pastry cream and caramelized until it is golden brown. My personal favorite is their Banana Mille Feuille, it is a banana vanilla sponge cake, baked with a golden flaky top with whipped cream. It is heavenly.

5. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is one of the most famous bakery chains throughout the US, and continues to have THE best desserts. Their first location opened up in New York City in 1996 in the West Village and ever since its opening day business has continue to flourish and expand. They are known for not only their amazing cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods, but their famous Banana Pudding because there is truly no other dessert like it. The creamy rich texture of the banana pudding with chunks of vanilla wafers creates this amazing consistency and taste, there is no other pudding like it. My favorite cupcake would have to be their Red Velvet, their Marshmallow icing is so light and fluffy and not overly sweet, combined with the moist cake is the best mix.

6. Cha Cha Matcha

The newest and trendiest food craze is here, just in Soho..move aside coffee its green and fun...its MATCHA. Cha Cha Matcha is the new go-to place for all of your matcha cravings. The Cha Cha Matcha store is filled with pink and green everything. When you walk into the store it gives off this very relaxing-oasis vibe to any crazed New Yorker. They serve a wide range of matcha treats: iced lemonade match, soft serve, macaroons, donuts and cupcakes, you will definitely not leave hungry.

7. Holey Cream

Holey Cream is a one of a kind build your on dounut-sandwhich bar. It is any dessert lovers dream come true. Holey Cream is right near the Theatre District and it is the perfect after-Broadway show snack! They have an assortment of different and innovative homemade ice cream flavors, toppings and fresh donuts. Their Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream was unbelievable. When I went there the line was out the door, but it was definitely worth the wait.

8. Momofuku Milk Bar

The Momofuku Milk Bar is a chain that is taking NYC by storm. Their unique and interesting take on the most common desserts makes for an aesthetically pleasing new way to enjoy sweets. My personal favorite, the Compost Cookie, made with pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, butterscotch and chocolate chips, this cookie is able to find a balance between sweet and savory. Don't forget about their DELICIOUS cake truffles: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Malt Cake and the Grasshopper Cake truffle (basically mint-chocolate cheesecake).

9. Chloe’s Soft Serve

A new twist on a frozen yogurt-- frozen fruit. Chloe’s Soft Serve in Union Square is the “cool way to eat fruit.” By taking frozen fruit, adding water and a little sugar, you have a healthy dessert. My personal favorite is the banana flavor, but all of them are yummy! It is the perfect treat because it leaves you satisfied, but does not make you feel guilty. They also have an endless topping bar so you can go crazy with chocolate, sauces, more fruit, and the typical frozen yogurt toppings.

10. Levain Bakery

Last on our dessert tour, don’t forget about Levain Bakery! A small hole in the wall bakeshop on the Upper West Side with a delicious new take on cookies. Yes, the cookies are the size of your head, but you will have to tell yourself to stop eating because they are that good. With Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Levain has it all. In addition, they have fresh bread, muffins and scones too. Their Raisin Sticky Bun is also to die for.

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