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11 Things Every Parent Says To Their Child Before Going Abroad...

Make good choices! Be independent! Don't give into peer pressure! They say... Do our parents forget we have been living on our own at college? What is going on with the constant reminders and CONSTANT nagging to be safe and to be smart. I think we know that by now Mom and Dad, thanks though!

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11. When I Went to Europe....

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The good old "when I was your age..." No Mom and Dad we really don't want to hear about YOUR experience 20-something years ago. Times have changed, the world has changed, your time studying abroad is definitely going to be different than mine.

10. Keep Track of Your Budget!


"Don't forget to manage your money, honey!!" Really? I think I have been doing a great job of that, thus far at college. I am given a monthly budget at school and part of growing up at college is the freedom to not only have your own money, but figuring out how you want to spend it.

8. Never Put Your Bag Down!


"You should wear a money belt or just duck tape your passport, boarding pass and wallet to yourself!" Nope, not doing that Mom. I would rather wear a fanny pack or keep all of my important documents in a folder, but thank you for that GREAT suggestion!

7. Watch Out for Pick-Pocktters!


"If you are wearing a backpack wear it in the front so you can see if someone is going to pick-pocket you.. you will look like kangaroo with a cute little pouch. Aww my little traveling kangaroo." Nope Mom, I will definitely not be doing that. If anything I will carry a cross body bag with zippers, that way no can access it, it will be in my reach at all times.

6. Take Your Vitamins!


"You are going abroad for four months you need to stay healthy and take precautions to make sure you don't get sick." I've lived on my own for three years and I only managed to get sick once. I may just have a strong immune system, but I think I can handle it. I also set daily reminders on my phone so I can remember to take my medicine and other important routine tasks.

5. Always Have a Colorful Plate!


"Eat healthy, don't go crazy without me there!" MOM! Yes I gained the "Freshmen 15," but I lost it Sophomore and Junior year have a LITTLE faith in my please. I know how to have balanced diet and I know that physical activity is important too!!

4. Dress Warmly...WEAR LAYERS!


I go to school in Syracuse, NY staying warm is always the goal and I have been pretty successful over the last three years. I have even invested in hand warmers, trust me I know all the tricks Mom and Dad.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings!


"Don't be on your phone using that Instagram app, pay attention someone could trip you or steal your pocket book!!" It is just called Instagram and I will! I want to enjoy and experience everything don't make these assumptions about me and my generation!

2. Don't Forget Your Passport!


"Your Passport is your ticket to and from any country so keep it some place safe and never travel without it." Thanks Mom I have traveled on my own before...remember PV last spring? Remember Florida to visit Grandma? I got this!

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