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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Pisces

I'm not emotional. Blame my star sign.

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1. You don't really think you're more emotional than the other signs. You're just more upfront about it.


Emotions are what make us human.

2. And drunk you has a tendency to express ALL of your emotions.


But that never stops you.

3. You're the person everyone goes to for comfort. And that doesn't bother you one bit.

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4. You understand the value of a good cry.

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5. You're fiercely creative, and you exercise it in your own unique ways.


6. You're a glass half-full kind of person, because you know things could always be worse.

The CW

7. Planning is not your forte.

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Everything always works out anyhow... and sometimes it gets stressful thinking so much about the future.

8. You're forever the "chill" friend in your group.

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9. As a result of your ~chillness~, you’re also the “perpetually late" friend.

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10. Most people call you a romantic, but you’re really just idealistic.

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11. You have a tendency to fall in love easily…

12. ... but fall out of love just as quickly.


13. You have a difficult time making decisions in general.


14. And for the most part, you just prefer to go with the flow, anyway.

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15. You're always down to try something new.

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16. You can be the flakey friend while also being extremely loyal.

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17. At pretty much any given moment, you'd rather be asleep.


But TBH, who wouldn't always rather be curled up in bed?

18. You hate confrontation and don’t really get the point of arguing.

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19. Part of the reason for that might be because you don’t take criticism too well.

20. You tend to “space out,” and have difficulty staying focused on one thing for very long.

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21. And when things don’t work out, you’re often okay with it.

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Because you know there’s always new opportunities and experiences out there, anyway.

Rock on, you creative fish.

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